Urgent Prayer Request for Sonya Browder’s Dad

Sonya Browder wrote:

My dad is not doing well. His respiratory distress has caused him to have a mild heart attack. Antibiotics are not working, they have administered high doses of steroids as a last resort. He’s in very good spirits, but very shocked at his news today. We are trusting in the Healer that He will do whatever miracle my dad needs right now. The God I have sung about and served for many years will surely carry us through.

Matthew Browder wrote last night:

Good evening in the name of JESUS! We need some prayer warriors to get a hold of God in behalf of my friend, father-in-law Sonny Ludwig. He is in desperate need of a miracle tonight! They say they have done all they know to do for his lungs. He was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis years ago. He has had pneumonia and it’s not helped the fibrosis. Our God is able to supernaturally bring him through. I curse pulmonary fibrosis in The Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and command it to go! I curse pneumonia in The Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and command it to go or any thing else that’s hindering his body. Can somebody believe with me?

Folks, Let’s join together and pray for this family.  Pray and Share with your prayer lists….

James 5:15

“And the Prayer of Faith Shall save the sick….”