Urgent Prayers Needed for Jeff and Drenda Crockett

Jeff and Drenda with Jason Crabb

Please Pray!

From Jeff’s Facebook:

Hey everybody, this is Jeff.
I wanted to take time to let everyone know what’s going on with my beautiful wife Drenda.
Last week we found out that Drenda has Cancer. There is a mass in her abdomen that has spread to her Liver.
When we found out we were devastated as you can imagine. We went through all the “what ifs” and cried and just held each other for sometimes hours.
Now we are ready to fight this and beat it.
Drenda has a great attitude as always.
I want to say we have felt the presence of the Lord in such a sweet way over the past week.
We know that there will be some tough days ahead but the Lord is already there waiting to get us through.
I want to take time to especially thank our church family and friends that have been so precious in their prayers and support.
Please lift Drenda up in your prayers.
Thank you