Weekend Word With Vonda Armstrong


Vonda Armstrong

Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. It was a week of fun with my grandbabies for me and I loved every minute of it.

However, I woke up yesterday and took a trip to Urgent care in Savannah, Tennessee . I have been experiencing foot and hip pain for several weeks  and it seemed to just be getting worse.
Seems I may have damaged a tendon around my ankle. The doctor gave me meds and I was a happy camper until he looked at me and said, “you have got to rest.”  “Rest, I replied, What’s that? “

I don’t know if any of you are this way or not but when I set my head to get something done, I have the tendency to not  rest until it’s completed. And how am I supposed to train myself to think differently at 53 years old?

God’s word says in Psalm 127, that God “gives to His beloved in his sleep.” The nights that I sleep well lead to mornings when I am most refreshed and days that I am most productive.

So today I’m asking you to pray for me that I do better on the resting so I can be more productive for Him.

Do you have any prayer requests? If so, please post them in the comments below. I would be honored to pray for you. The older I get, I realize that true friends and the little things in life are at the top of the “Things that Matter” list.

And speaking of things that matter, YOU are on that list as well! You matter. I don’t know what you may be going though, but “If it matters to you, It matters to the master.”

If you are that person today, this song is just for you.
Listen to the testimony of Olivia Collingsworth and this great song by The Collingsworth Family!
Until next week,

Bye Y’all!