HLE Radio unveils new “Christian Country Café”

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 31, 2016 – 2:22 pm -

HLE Radio unveils new “Christian Country Café”

HLE Radio unveils new “Christian Country Café”

JENNINGS, LA. – July 11 th , 2016 Starting back in January of 2014, HLE Radio began the monthly live concert series “HLE Unplugged”, where artists where able to perform in the station to a worldwide audience on hleradio.com. Today, “HLE

Unplugged” is still going strong and booked through 2017. The show has been so successful that another artist performance series began in June called “An Evening With,” where featured artists could perform using their own back up tracks. With the popularity of these two shows, HLE Radio has redesigned a section of their

studios to bring the perfect live performance experience to both the artist and the listener. The back wall of the studio was painted black and decorated with instruments from new sponsor Boulder Creek Instruments, which are also available to be used by the featured artists. Stage lighting was also put in place for filming of the live performances. With all of this, the new Christian Country Café was born! You can find out more about the shows broadcast from the brand new Christian

Country Cafe at www.hleunplugged.com.

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