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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 8, 2011 – 8:29 pm -

NASHVILLE, TN (JULY 8, 2011) — Jeff & Sheri Easter were involved in an accident this morning at approximately 2:00 AM. The group was traveling on US Hwy 82 in Lewisville, AR when a driver entered their lane causing a collision. Jeff & Sheri Easter were leaving their appearance in El Dorado, AR on their way to Mesquite, TX.

Sheri Easter states: “We were on a long stretch of road on Hwy 82 headed into Garland, AR. Our driver, Tyler, noticed one headlight coming toward us in our lane. He veered to avoid hitting the driver. All of a sudden, the driver of the car made a hard right hitting the side of our bus.” Jeff Easter continues, “We called 911 and Madison, Kyle (drummer), Tyler (driver) and me went to check on the man driving the car. He was fine and out of the 9 people involved in the wreck, there were no injuries.” Sheri Easter says, “We are very thankful that no one was injured and that our driver’s (Tyler) response protected everyone.”

The uninsured driver of the vehicle was arrested, charged with DWI, and taken into custody.

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Exclusive Concert Review Jeff and Sheri Easter and Ryan Seaton

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 15, 2011 – 10:38 am -

Concert Review By

Gary Hagen

It has been almost a week since Jeff and Sheri Easter and Ryan Seaton finished up their West Coast Tour.  Reflecting back on their concert in Vancouver Washington at the First Church of God it was a very unpredictable good time for everyone.  What I mean by that is that when the concert was first announced people wondered how such a performance would pan out with such two different singing styles.  As a volunteer ticket seller, when the sales at first were a little slow I myself began to question such a match up.  But when the time got closer and the sales picked up the Southern Gospel fans came through just like they always do here in the Portland OR/ Vancouver WA area.  Over 500 people were in attendance and they were wowed.
Ryan Seaton started off the first set and did a great job.  His smooth vocal performance was appreciated and I then knew why there were so many young faces in the crowd which normally doesn’t happen at a SG concert.  Not everyone in the Southern Gospel fan base appreciates the crooning style but the majority on that night were there in part to see and hear Mr. Ryan Seaton along with Jeff and Sheri.  When Morgan, Jeff, Sheri and Madison Easter took the stage it lit up again.  One can never tire of their enthusiasm and talent with country and blue grass sounds galore.

Before the concert my wife, Kathie and myself were busy helping stuff flyers, getting the food for the Meet and Greet and setting up the tables.  When Brandon Beene brought Jeff and Sheri into the meet and greet room the VIP ticket holders erupted with applause and appreciation.  They relished the time the Easters took to tell some personal things about their lives and of course the witticisms that Jeff always comes up with.  What a guy and what a character.

After intermission Ryan again started off the second half.  He also took some time for personal revelations about himself and his family.  One thing about gospel groups and relating to the audience like that it is very humbling.  It is nice for the ordinary person to see that just because someone has a God given talent, they are just as human as you and me.  They have the same problems and trials in life that we, that are not so talented, have.  Ryan then introduced Jeff and Sheri and again the stage was electrified!  Sheri told of her fight with cancer and then sang a song especially for someone in the audience that had lost a family member.  The song was “She Loved” one of my favorites, about how we want someone to look at us when we are gone.  Morgan and Madison were able to showcase their voice talents individually at different times in the concert and it shows that the talent sure runs in the family.  Ryan joined them for the last part of the concert and attempted to teach them a EHSS song and dance routine that was very entertaining.  All in all I think everyone, except for the little old lady with the hearing aid and walker that complained about the sound, enjoyed the concert immensely and hope that The Easters and Ryan Seaton will not be strangers to the West Coast for too long!


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October 2010 Issue is now available!

Written by Kelly on October 5, 2010 – 10:06 pm -

The October 2010 issue of SGN Scoops is now available for download. Click on the cover to read your issue in user-friendly .PDF format.

In this edition, we talk to cutting edge gospel great Ernie Hasse and members of Signature Sound as they ready a release of their tribute to The Cathedral Quartet, to embark upon a supporting world tour, and perhaps to find… the next signature sound. Meanwhile, NQC alotted us the chance to chat with folks like Sheri Easter and Sue Dodge, while the reopening of Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Hotel brought about a special interview with Louise Mandrell.  Our columnists serve up tidbits about dreams, nightmares, zoos, the recession, and Shakespeare.

Seriously… you better start reading now!

Click here or on the cover preview to download.

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