NASHVILLE, TN (JULY 8, 2011) — Jeff & Sheri Easter were involved in an accident this morning at approximately 2:00 AM. The group was traveling on US Hwy 82 in Lewisville, AR when a driver entered their lane causing a collision. Jeff & Sheri Easter were leaving their appearance in El Dorado, AR on their way to Mesquite, TX.

Sheri Easter states: “We were on a long stretch of road on Hwy 82 headed into Garland, AR. Our driver, Tyler, noticed one headlight coming toward us in our lane. He veered to avoid hitting the driver. All of a sudden, the driver of the car made a hard right hitting the side of our bus.” Jeff Easter continues, “We called 911 and Madison, Kyle (drummer), Tyler (driver) and me went to check on the man driving the car. He was fine and out of the 9 people involved in the wreck, there were no injuries.” Sheri Easter says, “We are very thankful that no one was injured and that our driver’s (Tyler) response protected everyone.”

The uninsured driver of the vehicle was arrested, charged with DWI, and taken into custody.