“Crabb Family Celebration Tour Announced”

NASHVILLE, Tenn.   After the Crabb Family’s retirement in 2007, Jason, Kelly, Aaron, Adam and Terah chose to pursue separate musical paths. In 2010, the siblings are a music lover’s dream representing an array of accomplishments. These include Jason’s Grammy win this year, Aaron’s newly found position as worship leader of the highly acclaimed Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX for Pastor John Hagee, Adam’s break out “band” that landed GMC’s 2008 “Genre Album Of The Year” and Kelly and Terah’s collaboration with Mike Bowling that claimed a record-breaking four #1 songs from their debut album. This family represents multiple styles with their familiar pure hearts that fans have loved since they were young, Kentucky kids new on the Nashville music scene.

“It’s amazing what comes to mind in the middle of the night, and then once we gather in the backyard at a family cookout, those 4 am thoughts turn into a distinct plan.  A quick family celebration results in smiles and thoughts of going out and singing as a family again.  Scheduling is tough, but when it’s family, we make it work.  So, here we go!  Starting Thanksgiving weekend the Crabb Family will be in a city near you,”  said Jason Crabb.

Terah Penhollow continued, “How much better can it get?  Family, singing and seeing all our friends again.  I am so excited!”

“No matter how much time we spend apart, the minute we are back together again, it’s as if time stood still and we are right back in that little country church where we learned to sing together.  Those were some of the best times of our lives and we want to recreate the excitement of those early years,” Kelly Bowling commented.

“It’s a wonderful thing to do something just because you want to.  I feel like we have all grown spiritually and have come into our own while we have been apart, but there is always something about going home and hitting the stage with my family and remembering how it all began.  There is nothing like it,” stated Aaron Crabb

Adam Crabb added, “I hope every person who has been a part of our ministry, since we were kids, will come join us for these concerts that will take us back to our Crabbfest days. I think this will be a road version of Crabbfest! ”

Jason Crabb concluded, “I challenge you to come out and join us!  We promise Crabb Family music, Crabb Family worship and who knows, maybe a surprise here and there.  You won’t be disappointed!”

The fact that this will be Terah and Kelly’s return to the road, following their bus accident on July 1st, makes this tour all the more special. These kids have praised their way through many storms in the past several years, now they are ready to invite you to praise the Lord along with them!

For more information, call 615-595-7500.  For a complete listing of Crabb Celebration dates, visit www.thecrabbfamily.com <http://www.thecrabbfamily.com> .