2nd Generation Announces Addition of Jonathan Edwards to Group

OAK GROVE, Ark. – Diamond Award winning trio 2nd Generation is excited to announce the addition of Jonathan Edwards as the group’s new vocalist.

“We are so excited about bringing Jonathan on as our new singer,” mentioned Brenda Denney of 2nd Generation. “Jonathan has been a long time supporter of the group and is very familiar with our ministry and musical style. We know that he is going to do a great job, and we can’t wait to hit the road with him!”

Jonathan is known well in Southern Gospel circles. In addition to making a name for himself for several years as a part of the Ascension Quartet, Jonathan is one of Southern Gospel’s most beloved DJs. He works as the drive-time DJ for KWFC-FM in Springfield, Missouri every week.

Jonathan Edwards said, “I have become such great friends with Brenda and Elaine over the last few years. When this position came open, I was excited about possibly working with these ladies on a full-time basis. We’ve got some exciting things planned for the near future, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!”

Jonathan is filling the position that was recently vacated by Jimmy Hoskins. Jimmy left the group to pursue a new ministry with his family.

Jonathan will join 2nd Generation on the road starting this weekend.

Fans are encouraged to be listening for 2nd Generation’s new single, “I’ll Not Fear the Crossing,” at Southern Gospel radio.

For more information on 2nd Generation – visit http://www.2ndgenerationministries.com.

You can also find out more information about the group on their MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/2generation.  The group’s ShoutLife can be found at http://www.shoutlife.com/2ndgeneration.