Where YOU Were on 9-11-01

11-septemberWe asked where you were when the twin towers fell and you answered from different areas of the country and different walks of life. We hope you are intrigued by these responses and you also reflect on that day 13 years ago, praying for those who lost loved ones and for peace in the world and in your life.


Sitting in the floor of a kindergarten class. Watching my teacher cry wondering what had happened. Then hearing Major Howell saying we’d been hit. And watching the tv. Years later I understood what had happened.
Amber Nelson


On the way home when the first one hit and at home watching the news during the rest! Such a sad day!
Laverne Herring Sanders


I was on the way to Wilmington, NC on Hwy 421 when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. I was in my Ob-GYN’s office watching NBC when the second plane hit and the towers fell. I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with my son, James @ the time. My OB-GYN called in all of her seven months plus patients and told them to NOT watch TV and if they had pains to call her ASAP. I don’t know how many babies she delivered early that day and night.
Constance Rowe


At NQC, in my friend’s bus, getting ready to leave to get my hair done at a hotel there… If I couldn’t be with my family, I’m so thankful to have been with so many Christian people…
Linda Miley


Was sitting in my first block algebra 2 class.  All the TVs in the school came on and we saw the mass devastation.  I can honestly say I cried and still do.  I love America just not what it has become.  Let’s all pray for God to heal our land.
Joshua Gentry


On my bus in the parking area at NQC. We gathered all the kids and went to our hotel rooms next door…. we had rooms, but always slept on the bus because it was more comfortable. Sad day.
Kathy Hannah


With my sisters at the National Quartet Convention.

Joan Walker


Getting ready to go to work.

Rob Patz


We were walking into Cracker Barrel at the NQC and wondered why everyone seemed agitated and all the TVs were focused on a city skyline. We hadn’t had the TV on in our hotel room and didn’t know what was happening. We heard about it all inside and watched the TVs while we tried to eat breakfast… It was scary and sobering and we felt isolated, since we were from Canada and they closed the borders. We had planned to leave early but ended up staying an extra night as we couldn’t go home. It was weird that Louisville was so quiet because all the planes were grounded. The exhibit hall that night was quiet and all TVs were tuned into the news. We heard many rumors about what was happening. The flights crashing into the Pentagon and in that field in Pennsylvania …everyone was speculating on where the next target was. We were relieved when we were finally able to go home, but very sad at the events happening to our neighbors to the south. It was like it happened to us. Many Canadians were also killed that day. Whenever it comes around to 9-11 every year, I pray for our countries and for peace.

Lorraine Walker