A note from Jonathan Wilburn….🎶

Wilburn and Wilburn

A note from Jonathan Wilburn:

I found out today from a radio station that they would be removing our song from their playlist due to a listener complaining. The song is “You Asked Him to Leave”. It deals with how we have turned our backs on God and blamed Him for the problems we have. If one person can have this kind of influence, imagine what a bunch of Christians could do who are willing to stand? We ask for your help to get the message of this song heard.We ask you to call your local stations and ask them to play “You Asked Him To Leave” by Wilburn and Wilburn. We ask you DJs to help us get this message to your listeners. We have to take a stand!On a side note the song jumped from 50 to 21 in one month. God is still in control! P.S. If you call your station and they say they don’t have it. Please message me with the stations email address or mailing address and I will personally see to it that they receive this single.


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