Alabama Quartet Convention Starts Tomorrow!

From Amy Dunham, Day Three:

Ok y’all, ALQC is here!!!!! Beginning tomorrow evening at 5:00 central time at Forest Hill Church of God in Mobile, Alabama! Get a 3-day pass for only $20!!!! It goes through Saturday so make plans to come out and get a blessing from some of the best in southern and bluegrass gospel music! Can’t be there in person! No worries! They’ve got you covered! Go over to the Facebook page of Forest Hill Church of God and watch live!!!! You’ll experience the same thing they’re experiencing in person! You’ll hear from groups such as Hope’s Journey, The Journeys , Eagle’s Wings, Day Three, The Connels and many, many more! Also, ladies on Friday morning, you’ll be able to attend a conference designed just for you called Beautifully Broken with my dear friend Vonda Easley as the speaker! If you come to this convention burdened down, brokenhearted or just needing a refreshing, this is the place for you! Open your heart up to what God wants to do this weekend and let Him move!