Ashley Deramus Pledge Tour Continues

Hoover, AL (January 17, 2013) Ashley Deramus, who has Down Syndrome, has the goal of leading the Pledge of Allegiance in all fiftyashley2 states. Through this effort she is sharing her love for her country, her patriotism, and the right of all people to be informed active citizens.

Ashley was privileged to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the Rose Bowl Parade and was enthusiastically joined by the spectators in the crowd. At the viewing of the floats the next day, a small group joined her again to participate in The Pledge.

After leaving California, Ashley was fortunate to have a helicopter tour of The Grand Canyon, where she led The Pledge of Allegiance in Arizona on the floor of The Grand Canyon surrounded by the grandeur of the beauty of God’s creation.

Stopping briefly at a Nevada rest area where she and Buster, her traveling yellow lab, posed for a picture with Buster donning his patriotic bandana and Ashley a sparkly red hat to set the mood, while truckers watched with tears in their eyes. 

Then she was off to Aspen, Colorado. Ashley had the great honor of leading The Pledge of Allegiance at the opening luncheon for the annual Winterskol festival.

Ashley is on her way to achieving her goal of leading the Pledge of Allegiance in all fifty states, and by accomplishing that, bringing much needed attention to Down Syndrome and other Special Needs children and adults. She is able to do this through the help of the Ashley Deramus Foundation, which was founded for and dedicated to the education, advancement and quality life-style of children and adults with Downs Syndrome.

Find out more about Ashley and the Ashley Deramus Foundation at, or You can contact Ashley through Gary Kannegiesser at 440-670-2897 or