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Nashville, TN – Award nominated and winning trio Back Home (Jimmy and Jennifer Layne and Stacy Pearcy) from South Pittsburg, TN are releasing what folks are saying is the BEST CD they have heard to date from this group and in the Southern Gospel genre in years.  .

They are joined on this project, on a duet, with Scott Fowler of Legacy Five.  Scott says, “I have absolutely
fallen in love with Jimmy and Jen. I am absolutely CRAZY about their songwriting. Their songs consistently hit us where life hits us!  It’s rare these days for writers to be as vulnerable as Jen is with her songs. It’s so refreshing!  I am so excited
to be included on their new album singing with them!  They are both such incredible vocalists….I’m not sure how I talked them into this, but I can’t wait!”  Scott will also be appearing in a video with Back Home.
Also joining Jimmy and Jennifer on a duet is recently Grammy Nominated, T Graham Brown who said, “I’m so happy to be a part of this new project with Jimmy and Jennifer and the song I’m singing a duet on is the one of the best I have heard, I may just have to start singing it in my concerts.”
“Back Home has released some great CD’s in the past, but this CD is the best I’ve heard to date from them and that’s saying a mouthful,” says Chris Latham/Back Home producer and Grammy winning engineer.
The new CD titled “One Name” is loaded with award winning writers such as Jerry Salley, Sue Smith, Lee Black, Linda Davis, Adam Wheeler, Mark Narmore, Jeff King, Jennifer Layne, Marty Roe, Bernie Herms, Jimmy Olander, Diane Eve Warren, Aimee Mayo, William Luther, David Allen Clark, Donald A. Koch and Kenna Turner West.  Each and every song tells of the love of God and forgiveness He gives us and that we should give to each other.
Jeff King and Chris Latham, owners and producers of Cross Country Records, (Back Home’s label), are completely hands on in the record making process. They each play, engineer, and produce each song on every album. They are both Nashville veterans, with major accolades of their own. Jeff is touring with Reba McEntire and is one of music’s most in demand session players. And as always, Back Home’s CD is full of Nashville veteran player’s who year after play on their records.  Players include, Jeff King, Jerry Roe, Mike Johnson, Jason Webb, Chris Latham, Tammy King and Pat McGrath.
“We feel like God deserves the best that we can give him and that Gospel music needs to be quality in sound and words”  It’s about Him and reaching the folks that are hurting,” says Jimmy and Jennifer.
“I’m so happy to be working on my 7th year now with Back Home. Their music is fresh and real, telling powerful stories we can all relate to in some form. Their ministry brings comfort to those in need, and hope for people trying to change their lives. They’ve been through it, now they sing about it. If you haven’t experienced a live concert.. Do it!” said Jeff King/Producer of Back Home and Cross Country Records Producer and Owner.
Sheri Easter stated, “I remember the first thing Jeff ever told me about Back Home.  We were working a concert with them and he came back on the bus bragging on the harmonies, their vocals and what a wonderful writer Jen was.  Immediately, I was hooked.”
To learn more about Back Home, you can visit them on the web at  Back Home is represented by Sophia Davis, Adoration Agency at 615-590-7453.