Bryan Elliott Joins The Inspirationals Quartet

Veteran Southern Gospel pianist, Bryan Elliott, has announced he has joined The Inspirationals Quartet of Texas —and he is also embarking on a solo ministry!
“I’ve been blessed to have played piano with some of the greatest groups in Gospel music,” says Bryan.
“But now I’m entering a new season not only with The Inspirationals, but I’m expanding my ministry to include solo performances. I never was one that desired to be in the spotlight, but the calling to use the gift that God has given me to serve the Lord and uplift people continued to burn in my heart. So, starting immediately, in addition to playing with The Inspirationals, I will be available for concerts and church services—just wherever the Lord leads.”
At the tender age of 15, Bryan was already an accomplished pianist when he joined The Anchormen. He later played piano for The Perrys, and then he spent eight years with Gold City before coming off the road for a couple of years. Realizing he was not happy not using his talents, Bryan returned to touring with The LeFevre Quartet in 2019, and continued until the group’s retirement in 2022.
Citing the great pianists of the past, Bryan says his decision is one that he hopes pays respect to those who have come before him. “Anthony Burger and Jeff Stice both had great careers and ministries with their piano talents. I would never compare myself to them, but I do hope to entertain, inspire, and encourage people in the same manner these two men brought joy to my life.
“Additionally, as some people know from my Gold City days, I can sing. So don’t be surprised if you hear me I incorporate some singing into my programs.
“I look forward to seeing everyone, and I pray that God will use me to be a blessing in these new endeavors.”.
For more information about Bryan Elliott, visit his website at and find him on social media at Bryan Elliott Music.