Calling SGNScoops fans to collectively help founder Allen Smith

Allen Smith
Allen Smith

Years ago Allen Smith and Susan Carol Warkentien-Smith created the The Diamond Awards, which are now a part of SGNScoops Creekside Gospel Music Convention. Allen was instrumental in creating the origin of SGNScoops that we enjoy today.

Allen and Susan SmithAllen and Susan are both mobility impaired and require special transportation for medical appointments and everyday living. The state does not provide any kind of funding for this.

Allen Smith and his wife SusanThe Smiths were offered a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan already equipped with ramp/wheelchair accessibility. The owner only asked $3900.00 and offered to accept monthly payments for the van. They reached an agreement of $50.00 per month payments.

Allen made the first payment and received the van. Someone then donated $1000, that has already been paid toward the balance owed on the van. The Smiths also made two more payments on the van. That leaves a balance of $2750.

Allen SmithAllen is in need of our help. Both he and his wife are sweet people. Please consider giving.

Likewise, pass this along.

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