Catching Up With Songwriter, Dean McCrory and Artist, Hunter May

Dean McCrory and Hunter May
A few weeks ago, I had lunch with Jean Enman, mother of Hunter May and her friend Dean McCrory. Dean
is the writer of Hunter’s current single, “When I Come To You Lord.” You know I had to ask her about
how the song came about. We had a great lunch and time of fellowship. I wanted to share with you
the message in the song.
Dean said, “During a very dark period of my life, when it seemed that everything that could, was going wrong,
I longed for that still small voice of God to maintain my sanity. (2008 – 2010)
Then one particularly bad day, what became the first line of this song kept running through my mind.
“When I come to You Lord, burdened within” , that was me , so I wrote it down.
Still struggling some time after that, the next “eye opening” words came to me: “Remove every doubt
that You’ll work it out, as it’s always been”. Even strong faith can be tested. I had never thought to ask
God to remove my doubts and He knew I had some. Soon I realized, these words were not mine. I wrote
them down. These words also reminded me of my trustworthy history with God.  He has never left me.
I don’t know exactly how long it took before all these “lines” tied together and made a finished product.
But, I know that God saw my need and gave me comforting words that I needed, when I needed them. I
remember one time I was driving when the next line came to me. I pulled off the road and wrote them
down on the back of a piece of incoming mail.
In addition to the comfort along the way, the completed song taught me a powerful lesson. As we travel
this journey called life, we need to remember, coming to God with a humble heart, fully trusting Him
to “fix” our problem has a “Double Blessing”. It’s amazing how He can and will refocus our thoughts from
ourselves to others and their needs. That is what He did for me.”
You could see the passion in Dean’s eyes about this song that God had given her. She and Jean are special friends.
Through the years, she has grown to love Hunter and his music.

Dean added, “When  I realized I had a “song,  I knew I  needed music and I don’t know one note from another.

A Song Leader at a neighboring church read the words and gave me the name and phone number of the

“perfect” one to put the words to music. I called and made an appointment, drove 60 miles to his home

and within 30 minutes or less I had music. I loved it!”  Next, Dean got a copyright and then sat on the song until she was clear
what God wanted.
Later, Hunter May recorded his first album. Jean took the song to Shane Roark at Chapel Valley and that’s when the
song came alive for Hunter. Hunter released this song to radio and for the month of March, 2020,  it is #27 on the
Christian County Top 40.
Congratulations Dean and Hunter. Thank you for sharing this with our readers.
To God Be The Glory
Vonda Armstrong, SGN SCOOPS