Changes For Emmaus Road Quartet

On Wednesday, it was announced that our very own Greg Witt has decided to make 2022, his final year
of traveling and singing the Good News of Jesus Christ. The news was brought to us during the weekend prior to the announcement. The legacy of Greg Witt is one that is highly unattainable but only by a few. Greg has lead this group with the ultimate grace and understanding that is God's will not his. For nearly 20 years, Greg has mentored and taught countless numbers of personnel that have stood to the left of him on stage. His teachings were about professionalism and integrity, but most importantly about having faith. Greg has stated so many times from the stage that it is faith that got us as a group from
one venue to the next. But it was God’s grace that has seen us through every mile of these trips.

Although Greg has prayed over this decision and is happy with his answer, he will be greatly missed by those that stood beside him every night. He will also be missed by those that sat in front of him taking in every lyric and every note that he sang for the past 20 years. But God's word tells us of seasons. In
Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens”. And as we are saddened at this departure we are excited for what God has in store for Greg and his family and for Emmaus Road.

Some may ask what is the future of Emmaus Road Quartet and the answer is easy. We feel that God is still doing a mighty work in ERQ and there are still souls to be reached. I, Chris Walton, and Colby Goforth, after much prayer, have decided to take up the mantle and continue to carry on doing what the
Lord would have us do.

During this time of transition we will be learning and taking on more behind the
scenes responsibilities. But most importantly we will be continuing on with what the Lord has for us in good old ERQ fashion.
Who will be filling that position? This is such a great question and the answer is we don’t know. But we know and believe that God has his hand on this process, in the transition, and that he will send the right person in our direction. If you feel as if God is leading you in the direction of singing the tenor part for a

God fearing, faith based quartet, please send a picture and a demo to
Greg, we look forward to singing and traveling with you these last months out on the road. We love you
and wish you the best of luck!
To our ERQ fans, We love you all!
Jordon Jones and Emmaus Road Quartet


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