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The Bledsoes Announce Departure of Melissa Cates

Monday, January 17, 2016

Dobson, NC – Rodney Bledsoe of The Bledsoes has announced that Melissa Cates, who has sang soprano for the mixed trio for nearly three years, has resigned from her position with the trio.

Rodney states, “It has truly been an honor to work with Melissa over the past three years. She certainly added a distinguished blend to our harmonies, on our recordings and on stage. Being friends with Melissa for such a long time, some 16 years, neither of us dreamed the Lord would allow us to work together in a ministry capacity, but I believe we are mutually thankful for this opportunity.

Melissa and husband, Sam, will be moving to Tennessee to further Sam’s business opportunities, while Melissa pursues singing possibilities. They desire your prayers in their endeavors.

The Bledsoes are using a few friends in the industry to fill-in currently, but with the Lord’s direction, will be hiring a soprano soon.



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