Changing of the Guard in the Blackwood Quartet: Mark Blackwood to Take the Reigns

Knoxville, Tennessee – Ron Blackwood, upon advice from his physician, is retiring from the Blackwood Quartet. Ron has poured his heart and soul into the Blackwood Quartet. Using the gifts God has given him, he has shaped it into an extremely successful group, becoming the first Gospel group to ever perform on the Farm Aid stage, and on many of Willie Nelsonʼs concerts nationwide. The Blackwood Quartet also appears in Willie Nelsonʼs latest movie. Under Ronʼs leadership, this talented group signed a contract with Homeland Records. All of this was accomplished in under a year!

As of March 1, 2010, Ron is turning the reigns of the group over to his cousin, Cecil Mark Blackwood, the son of the late
Cecil Blackwood of the Blackwood Brothers. Mark will continue performing with The Blackwood Quartet, performing all
tour management and ownership duties. All contracted concerts will be fulfilled. This decision was reached after
months of prayer and contemplation at the urging of medical professionals. Ron believes he made the best possible
decision to maintain the integrity of his family, his quartet, and make it possible for some talented singers to continue doing
what they love.

Ron Blackwood, who is respected as one of the most brilliant minds in the booking and promoting business, will
concentrate his efforts on first, his health, and also on what he does better than anyone else, booking and promoting
Gospel music, for not only the Blackwood Quartet, but also for The Chuck Wagon Gang, The Florida Boys, and many

Mark Blackwood is no new comer to Gospel Music. He is a Grammy Award winning music producer and performer who is
a seasoned Quartet owner/manager. Most of all, Mark is devoted to upholding the legacy of his father, and carrying on the
message of hope and Salvation in Traditional Gospel Quartet music.