The Coffmans visit Alabama

Several years ago, God allowed Louis and Tamra Coffman the opportunity to travel singing Southern Gospel Music. They ministered in churches across KY, TN, NC, VA, and WV. They were very happy in their endeavors and their ministry was growing. But God had another plan.

In 2007, God moved them to TN where Tamra served as a minister of music four years. Their singing ministry was put on hold while God used them in the church setting. During those years many changes took place with their older children—graduations, marriages, and… grandchildren! So, in 2011 they moved back to their home in KY to be near their family.

With the addition of their daughter, Canaan, as a vocalist, The Coffmans are now, once again, singing and booking dates. They are excited about what God has in store for their ministry and family. Tamra sings most of the lead vocals. Louis brings in the harmony. Canaan adds fullness to their sound and a youthful perspective. Their style is Southern Gospel mixed with Worship, humor and testimony.

Lasr night, The Coffmans were in Alabama.

Vonda Easley from SGN Scoops shares a video clip from the service.  “I truly enjoyed this awesomely anointed group, states Vonda.”