Committed Quartet Joins Chapel Valley

 Sharps Chapel, TN- Chapel Valley is pleased to announce a recording agreement with Committed Quartet, from Crown Point, Indiana. This young excitng quartet is known for their smooth- rich harmonies. They often sing with just a piano or accappela.
The group consists of five young men 30 years of age and younger with a desire to serve the Lord. Commmitted started when five friends got together to sing in college in 2003. Since then, they have traveled throughout the US and have been a blessing everywhere they go. Currently the group consists of tenor, Jake; bass, Jeremy; baritone, Jordan; lead, Brad; and pianist, Robert.
Chapel Valley’s Marketing And Artist Director, Richard Hyssong, met the quartet at the National Quartet Convetion during the Talent Showcase, which is sponsored by Chapel Valley. Not only did they do a great job, but I could sense their love for God as soon as we started talking. As a 27 year old myself with a family, I know that these guys can make a difference and connect with the next generation while still singing the traditional Southern Gospel Music. Chapel Valley is thrilled to have a group that is preserving this four part harmony, and we look forward to their CD and song release with our record company.
For more information on Committed go to Chapel Valley welcomes them to their family of artists.