Congrats to the SGN Scoops Top 20 Bluegrass for December

December 2018

1. That’s Grace- Primitive Quartet

2. By The Marks In His Hands- Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

3. Don’t Look Back- Rochesters

4. If He Hung The Moon- Eagle’s Wings

5. The Church Bell- Little Roy & Lizzy Show

6. If God Doesn’t Bless America- Williamson Branch

7. Songs Like Those- Chigger Hill Boys & Terri

8. Super Water- King James Boys

9. When The Storm Is In My Path- Heaven’s Mountain Band

10. Wanna Be- Southern Raised

11. Walking A Straight Path- Baker Family

12. Heaven Came Down- The Purple Hulls

13. Dinner On The Ground- Little Roy & Lizzy Show

14. Testimony- Nathan and Tonya Horton

15. Hide Me Behind the Cross-Tonja Rose

16. Why Should I Worry- Canaan’s Crossing

17. I Long To See His Face- Sideline

18. Broken Things- Avery Road

19. Be Like Job- Tim Davis

20. Don’t Leave Him Hangin– Crowe Brothers