Congrats to The SGN SCOOPS Top 40 Christian Country

SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40
SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40 (May)


1. Sermon On The Mount- Tommy Brandt

2. Hands Of A Working Man- Christian Davis

3. Victory Song- Cori & Kelly

4. Too Nice- Isaac Cole

5. I Got Saved- Michael Knight

6. I Miss Them All- Jordan Family Band

7. Holding On To Jesus- Terry Davis

8. God’s Got This- Kelly Kenning

9. Days Are Numbered- Shellem Cline

10. Grateful- Chris Golden

11. No More Second Chance- Jenna Faith

12. Pictures- Jessica Horton

13. Getting My Jesus On- Andrew Marshall

14. I Love You Son- Hunter May

15. Sky Full Of Angels- Kali Rose

16. Say A Little Prayer- Bruce Hedrick

17.God Did It- Greg Day

18. God, Oral Roberts,& Billy Graham- Carol Barham

19. It’s Written In The Scars- Dan Duncan

20. Near You- Michael Lee ( With Rhonda Vincent)

21. Why They Call It Heaven- Jayne Carter

22. There’s Still Time For A Miracle- Joy Roberts

23. Who But God- Eagle’s Wings

24. I See God- Marty Raybon

25. Hand Of The Lord- Jan Harbuck

26. Higher Than A Steeple- Brent Harrison

27. Hole In Her Heart- Linda Lanier

28.Speak The Word- Ava Kasich

29. Praise Looks Good On You- Kevin & Kim Abney

30. He Is Here- Terry & Debra Luna

31. He Took Me In- Appointed 2

32. Help Is On The Way- Jim Sheldon

33. Mama Said- Kolt Barber

34. In The Fire- The Dodsons

35. Till I Get Home- Billy Droze

36. American Christian-Bonita Eileen

37. Dependence- Bev McCann

38. You’re Looking More Like Your Father- The Journeys

39. Believe Me He Can- Bloodbought

40. Something Pentecostal- Sandy Jarvis