Congratulations to High Road and The SGN SCOOPS Top 40 Christian Country -November 2022

This Month Song Title Artist/Label
Faith, Hope, and Love
High Road/New Day
2 Sunday Sermons Anne Wilson/Independent
3 Stuff Debbie Bennett/Independent
4 Hey, Preacher Man Riley Dotson/Independent
5 Better Things Mitchell Whisnant/Independent
6 It’s A God Thing Chris Golden/24K Records
7 God’s Got A Plan Doug Mathis/Independent
8 He Woke Me Up This Morning Bruce Hedrick/Independent
9 My Decision Dean/Chapel Valley
10 Thank God I’m Not God Nathan Woodard/Independent
11 He Never Left Me Tim Goshen/Independent
12 Saved People Scotty Inman/Independent
13 Burden Bearer Tammy Jones Robinette/Independent
14 This Aint That Song Porter Family/Chapel Valley
15 It’s Not So Hard To Praise Him Don Stiles/Independent
16 Jesus Came On A Cross Foretold/Independent
17 I Know He Can Greg Sullivan/Resting Place Music
18 God Has A Plan Cody Hamm/Steeple Country
19 Wanted Caleb Howard/Steeple Country
20 Finish Strong Jackson Heights/Independent
21 I Can Climb Any Mountain Carrol Roberson/Independent
22 More Than Me Corey Farlow/Independent
23 Sinner’s Prayer Kevin and Kim Abney/Independent
24 Sweet Hellos Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Music
25 Grace Said Yes Journeys/Chapel Valley
26 That Glorious Day Michael W. Smith/Independent
27 Tell Me The End Again Paul Winchester/Independent
28 Prayin’ Woman High Valley/Independent
29 That Silver Haired Daddy Joyaires/Independent
30 Gospel Train MARK209/Independent
31 I’ve Changed My Mind Chuck Wagon Gang/Crossroads
32 Where There’s No Fire Dunaways/Independent
33 Jesus Signed My Pardon Mike Leichner/Independent
34 God Must Be Laughing Steve Bridgmon/Independent
35 The Positive Cowboy Jim Sheldon/Zenith
36 Mamas Anne Wilson/Independent
37 New Feathers Carol Barham/MAC RECORDS
38 From The Mountaintop Tonja Rose (with Jessica Horton)/Mansion
39 River of Life Mac Powell/Independent
40 Jesus Made A Change David Timms/Indepenent