(Nashville, TN) – Recently Battle Cry was in Nashville, TN, recording a brand new eight song project. The group that consists of Tim and Paula Probus, along with Angela McCoy, is excited about their upcoming springtime release with Twelve21 Records.

Band Pic – Left To Right – Justin Kropf (engineer), Richard Hyssong (co owner Twelve21 Records), Wanda Vick (utility player), Kelly Back (electric guitar), Matthew Lawson (keys and session leader), Jacob Lowery (Bass), Ricky Free (drums)


“We are thrilled with the quality of the musicians, studio, writers, and the whole team that is working with us on this project. Our prayer is that these songs minister in a special way and that God is glorified,” stated Tim Probus.

Battle Cry has sung at Dollywood, Renfro Valley, on gospel cruises and at conventions across the country, however, their heart is for the local church. Even with their busy schedule, Tim and Paula minister each week in their home church.

“I really enjoyed the experience. We felt like we were just part of the family as soon as we arrived. This cd has so much creativity, and the songs fit so well together”. adds Paula Probus.

“You could feel spirit of the Lord in the room as the band was playing. Whether you are hurting, need encouragement, or just want to praise God, this album has it all.” added Angela McCoy.
Be watching for this album to be released in the spring of 2023 with Twelve21 records. Along with ordering the physical CD, you will be able to stream and download from your favorite online platform.