Congratulations to Jeff & Sheri Easter and the SGN SCOOPS Christian Country Top 40

People Like Me
Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Music
2 Where Will You Spend Eternity Crystle Elam/Independent
3 Two Coats High Road/New Day
4 I Surrender To The King Jackson Heights/Center Stage Music
5 Family and Faith Mitchell Whisnant/Independent
6 Rainbows Cori and Kelly/ndependent
7 I Wasn’t Ready Yet Chris Golden/24K Records
8 Don’t Wait Tim Menzies/New Day Records
9 Straw Bottom Chair Debbie Bennett/Independent
10 The Doctor Appointed 2/ndependent
11 Something That Grace Can Do Mary Burke/Independent
12 Nobody Knows Better Than Me Tiffany Coburn/StowTown
13 Beacon Of Light Carol Barham/MAC Records
14 This Day Shellem Cline/Tire Swing Records
15 I Wanna Go Jordan Family Band/ARS
16 Is Anybody Not Ashamed Of Jesus Chosen/Independent
17 Just In Time Matt Linton/Independent
18 God Is Looking At My Heart Jim Sheldon/Independent
19 You Say Tonja Rose/Mansion
20 Just The Way I Am Journeys/Chapel Valley
21 Love You Through The Scars Johnson Edition/Independent
22 Prisoner Of Love Dennis Jolly/Independent
23 When I Met Jesus Emily Faith/Independent
24 When They See Me Freemans/Godsey Media
25 Come Home Kind Of God Endless Highway/Crossroads
26 The Pool Derrick Loudermilk Band/Independent
27 Rain In The Desert Sonshine Road/Independent
28 Rise Above Micah Tyler/Independent
29 The Call Tim Davis/Independent
30 High Tower Epps Family/Independent
31 Old School Scott Mac Brown/Independent
32 I Love To Tell The Story Mary James/Independent
33 Nailed Down Jimmy Reno/Independent
34 I’m Ready MARK209/Independent
35 Standing By The Bedside Pathfinders/Independent
36 How Great Thou Art Jessica Horton/M.A.C.Records
37 Behold Rex Robards/Independent
38 Just Like That Don Stiles/Independent
39 Did I Make A Difference Caleb Howard/Mansion
40 He Carried The Cross Pylant Family/Independent