Congratulations to Mitchell Whisnant and The SGN SCOOPS Christian Country Top 40

1 FAMILY AND FAITH Mitchell Whisnant/Independent
2 THIS DAY Shellem Cline/Red Country
3 I WANNA GO Jordan Family Band/ARS
4 STRAW BOTTOM CHAIR Debbie Bennett/Red COuntry
5 TIL YOU CAN’T Cody Johnson//Independent
6 SOMETHING THAT GRACE CAN DO Mary Burke/Independent
7 WHEN THEY SEE ME Freemans/Godsey Media
8 JUST LIKE THAT Don Stiles/Independent
9 WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNTY Crystle Elam/Independent
10 GROW UP SLOW Scotty Inman/Independent
11 SMALL TOWN PRAYER Rae Lynn/Independent
12 DON’T WAIT Tim Menzies/New Day
13 FLY Lisa Daggs/Independent
14 ALWAYS SOMETHING Caleb Howard/Mansion
15 IS THERE OIL IN YOUR LAMP Joy Holden/Independent
16 NOBODY KNOWS BETTER THAN ME Tiffany Coburn/StowTown
17 JUST IN TIME Matt Linton/Independent
18 WALK AWAY Billy Walker/Mansion
19 DEVIL GIVE UP Tonja Rose/Mansion
20 OLD SCHOOL Scott Mac Brown/Independent
21 STANDING BY THE BEDSIDE Pathfinders/Independent
22 YOU NEVER KNOW The Dunaways/Independent
23 THE CALL Tim Davis/Independent
24 RAINBOWS Cori and Kelly/Independent
25 HE CARRIED THE CROSS Pylant Family/Independent
26 WHEN I MET JESUS Emily Faith/Independent
27 KING OF ETERNITY Edwards Family/Independent
28 RAIN IN THE DESERT Sonshine Road/Independent
29 RISE ABOVE Micah Tyler/Independent
31 LOVE YOU THROUGH THE SCARS Johnson Edition/Independent
32 MY GOD MY SAVIOR Bev McCann/Independent
33 GRANDMA’S PRAYER Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
34 BEHOLD Rex Robards/Red COuntry
35 BEAUTIFUL Brittany Morse/Independent Brittany Morse/Independent
36 ALL I NEEDED WAS THE LORD Ed Meadows/Independent
37 BRAND NEW MAN James and John/Red Country
38 NAILED DOWN Jimmy Reno/Red Country
39 ALWAYS ENOUGH Jamie Trent/Independent
40 DETOURS Rhapsody Praise/Red Country