Congratulations to The Barber Family and The Christian Country Top 40 SGN SCOOPS (March 2021)

Congratulations to The BARBER FAMILY and The SGN SCOOPS TOP 40 Christian Country (March 2021)

This Month Song Title Artist/Label
1 Garden Of My Heart Barber Family/Independent
2 Your Son Chris Golden/24K Records
3 The Rest Of The Story Ray Wolford/HMG
4 Joy Branded/Independent
5 God Doesn’t Care Jackson Heights/Center Stage Music
6 Little Things Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
7 Come On Back PARDONED/Mansion
8 God Can Shellem Cline/Tire Swing Records
9 Send It On Down The Nile Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Music
10 Hometown Heroes Woody Wright/Independent
11 His Name Is Jesus Tim Menzies/New Day Records
12 Promise Land Sam L. Smith/Independent
13 Here I Go Again Journeys/Chapel Valley
14 He Will See Me Through Don Stiles/Independent
15 God Lives Lisa Daggs/Independent
16 Tougher Than Nails Bev McCann/Independent
17 Thank God For The Blessing Mitchell Whisnant
18 Tears Chosen Road/Song Garden
19 Middle Of A Miracle Tony Griffith Family/Song Garden
20 A Day Carol Barham/M.A.C.Records
21 American Heroes Hunter May/Independent
22 Jesus In My Country Trish England
23 Rock Bottom Kevin and Kim Abney/Indepenedent
24 On Your Knees Doug Corum/Independent
25 Repentance Still Works Appointed2/Independent
26 Is There A Place I Can Go Debbie Bennett/Independent
27 The Hour I First Believed Derrick Loudermilk Bank/Independent
28 Find Jesus Now Lizzy G/Independent
29 At The End Of The Road Sounds Of Victory/Independent
30 That’s The Way It Should Be Elizabeth Miller Clary/Independent
31 I Just Want To Thank You Lulu Roman/Independent
32 Riding Through The Storms Roger BarkleyJr/Independent
33 What Livin Is Lance Driskell
34 Born Sunday Drive/Crossroads
35 I Can’t Blame No One But Me Cooke Brothers/Independent
36 I Know Who I Am Alan Frizzell/Independent
Country Gospel Is Rocking Country Dan Duncan/Independent
38 I Have A Friend Jessica Horton/M.A.C. Records
39 Don’t Weep For Me Ava Kasich/Independent
40 Mom Ken Harrell/Mansion