Congratulations to The Detty Sisters- “Horizon Duet of the Year”


The Detty Sisters are a group of sisters from southern Ohio. Peyton, who is the oldest, is 11 years old. Next you have Caidence (Cadie) who is 9 years old. Then we have Lily who is 5 years old. Finally, we have Sophia, or Curly as she is called, is 3 years old. People often want to know if the girls are saved. Peyton and Cadie both accepted Jesus Christ in their heart at the age of 7. If you ask them how long they want to sing for Jesus, they will answer “Forever”! Lily says she wants to be a preacher when she grows up! Curly is quick to tell satan that he cannot cross the Bloodline, in the name of Jesus!

Peyton and Caidence were awarded The Horizon Duet for 2020 at The Diamond Awards Show last week in Oxford, Alabama.

Congratulations Girls!