Congratulations to The Down East Boys and The SGN SCOOPS Top 100 (June 2022)



1.Your Sins Are Forgiven

Down East Boys/Crossroads

2. I’ve Come Too Far Browders/Dream Big
3. My Feet Are On The Rock Gaither Vocal Band/Springhouse Music
4. Not My Will Tribute Qt/Daywind
5. Looks Like Jesus Brian Free & Assurance/Daywind
6. I Have God To Thank For Everything Inspirations/Crossroads
7. Goodness Of Good Triumphant/StowTown
8. Answer Is Jesus Karen Peck & New River/Daywind
9. Church Of The Great I Am Kingsmen/Crossroads
10. He’s Got A Way Southbound/Daywind
11. Children Sing Nelons/Daywind
12. My Jesus Lefevre Qt/Daywind/New Day
13. Good God Almighty Old Paths/Crossroads
14. Breathe In, Breathe Out Guardians/StowTown
15. Leavin On My Mind Kim Hopper/Daywind
16.Then and There Master’s Voice/Independent
17. Grace and Goodness Sunday Drive/StowTown
18. What You Could Never Get Over Kindgom Heirs/Crossroads
19. Good To Be Home Ernie Haase & Signature Sound/StowTown
20. John 3:16 Is Calling Out To You Perrys/StowTown
21. All Of My Help Erwins/StowTown
22. This Is The Church Steeles/StowTown
23. The Well Fields Of Grace/Family Music Group
24. Letters From Heaven 11th Hour/Crossroads
25. Come Home Kind Of God Endless Highway/Crossroads
26. Enough For Me Legacy 5/StowTown
27. I Wanna Go Jordan Family Band/ARS
28. He Never Gives Up On Me Michael Booth/Daywind
29. I Love His Love Lance Driskell/Independent
30. The God Of Gideon Foresters/Independent
31. Out Of Harms Way Williamsons/Family Music Group
32. Go Tell One Whisnants/UIA
33. Standing On The Word Joyaires/Independent
34. Never Again Liberty Qt/Independent
35. Opening Soon Big Mo/Independent
36. Just Like That Don Stiles/Independent
37. Give Him What You Got Isaacs/House of Isaacs
38. Stones Crabb Family/Daywind
39. Just A Simple Thank You Mark Dubbeld Family/Song Garden
40. Too Near Well Done Sound Street/Independent
41. Live Forgiven Gordon Mote/New Haven
42. What We Need Mark Trammell QT/Crimson Road
43. Not One Word Collingsworth Family/StowTown
44. Thunder Jim & Melissa Brady/Daywind
45. Every Move I Make Austin & Ethan Whisnant/UIA
46. Oh,What A Day Mylon Hayes Family/UIA
47. Devil Give Up Tonja Rose/Mansion
48. God Is Real The Sound/New Day Records
49. He Has A Way Of Turning The Tide Chronicle/Butler Music Group
50. American Christian ClearVision/Chapel Valley
51.When They See Me Freemans/Goldvine
52.Greater God Kramers/StowTown
53. Let Us Pray Paid In Full/StowTown
54. It Ain’t Over Yet Sacred Harmony/Independent
55. God Do It Again Taylors/StowTown
56. Grandma’s Prayer Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
57. City of Gold Battle Cry/Chapel Valley
58. All I Got, All I Need The Wisecarvers/Crossroads
59. When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Folenius/Independent
60. I Give You Me Tim Livingston/Independent
61. Where Theres No Fire Dunnaways/Independent
62. Child Of The King Joseph Habedank/Daywind
63. My God Is Still Able Purpose/Chapel Valley
64. He Carried The Cross Pylant Family/Independent
65. When The Son Arrives Promiseland Qt/Independent
66. Jesus Can Siler Family/Penn Street Records
67. Timeless Jay Stone Singers/Crossroads
68. All My Tears Be Washed Away
Mark Bishop (w/Sonya Isaacs Yeary)/Crossroads
69. Jesus Is Still The Answer Troy Burns Family/Chapel Valley
70. Nothing He Can’t Do GloryWay Qt/Independent
71. Heavenly Resource Isbell Family/Chapel Valley
72. Trouble The Waters Journeys/Chapel Valley
73. What Color Is Love A’Men Qt/Independent
74. Going To Keep Movin Dixie Melody Boys/Independent
75. Long, Long Journey Billy Huddleston/Independent
76. His Will, His Way, Our Faith Hyssongs/Independent
77. In Jesus Name Matchless Grace/Independent
78. Homeland Justified QT/Big Picture Records
79. Grow Up Slow Scotty Inman/StowTown
80. There’s No New Way Home Joe Mullins & Radio Ramblers/Billy Blue
81. What The Blood Does Won Life/Independent
82. God’s Amazing Grace David Gresham/Independent
83. Gonna Take It And Leave It Gold City/Sony Music
84. Song Of The Redeemed The Bates Familly/Independent
85. Everybody’s Song Poet Voices/Berry Hill Records
86. Love’s Not Finished With Me Yet Second Chance/Independent
87. He Knows Exactly What I Need Jonathan Bledsoe/Independent
88. Whatcha Gonna Do Villines Trio/Independent
89. In Your Hands Zane & Donna King/StowTown
90. This Is My Story Kenna Turner West/Crossroads
91. Lord God On High Lee Black/StowTown
92. There Was Jesus Swor Family/Independent
93. Isn’t It Enough That He Died Frosts/Mansion
94. Are you Saved River’s Edge/Independent
95. Redeeming Blood Griffins/Independent
96. Still McKamey Legacy/Crossroads
97. Your Heart Isn’t Far From A Song Mercy’s Well/Independent
98. I Bring You Jesus The Lore Family/Crossroads
99. People Like Me Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Music
100. Count It Victory Three Bridges/Crossroads

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