Creekside Memory- Karen Connell

Creekside Memory

Creekside was memorable to me for a few reasons this year.

#1) thankful to have Heather with us as she initially thought she’d have to miss due to school.

#2) I’m loving watching the friendships among my girls and the rest of the younger generation develop. They just “get” each other with what they do and why they do it.

#3) God’s protection! We had TWO instances that could have been disastrous, but God! Heather had Hannah, Lyndsey & Tiffany in the car with her late one night. She misjudged the turn into the hotel and hit the sidewalk resulting in a busted tire! 😳 Chris spent most of Thursday working to get it fixed. Then, on the way home on Friday, not realizing just how sleepy I was, I fell asleep while driving on the interstate while Chris and Heather watched helplessly from the car in front of us. Thankfully, as my vehicle skidded into the median I was jolted awake. We managed to stop and Hannah and I were okay, just shaken. Needless to say we switched drivers! So thankful it was no worse AND there were NO other cars around us at that moment.

#4) Completely and utterly enjoyed the Browders!

Thank y’all for all the hard work for a great week of fellowship and worship at Creekside.

The Connells