Crescendo Gospel Music announces DIGITAL TALENT COMPETITION

Zack Swain, President of Crescendo Gospel Music Management, is very excited to announce the creation of a creative and new form of a talent competition.  Swain says “ For the  1st time I am aware of there is now a talent competition you can enter by sitting in the comfort of your own home. We have talked to many artist that have wanted to take part in talent competitions in the past but the travel expense to the location of the venue has just been too great. This forces great talent and artist that is ready to be discovered to have to sit out just because they couldn’t afford it. This has troubled me for months now. Then the thought just hit me…With today’s technology there is no reason new talent couldn’t be discovered using a digital talent search.  After talking with some of my business partners and employees we quickly formed a plan using Youtube,  Godtube,  and Dailymotion to help discover a new artist.  So this is how it works:

Artist can film their self performing virtually ANYWHERE. You can take a video of yourself in front of your computer using your webcam, using your iPad, singing at church, or even at a concert.

Take that video and upload it to Youtube, Godtube, or Dailymotion.

Copy your link to the video once it is uploaded and visit

Fill out all the info and we will handle the rest from there!

Prizes for the event are 2nd to none.”



Grand Prize:

20 Hours of studio time at Mended Heart Music

Includes engineer and producer

5 Months of management from Crescendo Gospel Music Management

The opportunity to take part in various concerts.

We will also aid you in releasing your single and help promote it for you.


2 Place:

3 Months of Management from Crescendo Gospel Music Management.

The opportunity to take part in various concerts.

Aid in digital Distribution.


Official Sponsors of the Crescendo Gospel Music Digital Talent Competition are:

Kenny Mock- Mended Heart Music

Alex Orr- Alex’s Computers & Web Design.


Please visit for more information.