Day Three Announces New Member

Day Three Announces New Member

Mobile, Alabama, February 07, 2020 — Scott Washam and Amy Dunnam are pleased to announce that Rhonda Wooten will be joining the ministry team of Day Three filling the vacancy that Bo Sullivan left at the Baritone position.  Day Three is a talented trio from Mobile, AL and the 2019 recipient of the Sunrise Trio Of The Year Diamond Award from SGNScoops Magazine.


“We are so excited to have Rhonda join our team.  She brings years of experience to the group,” states Washam, Day Three’s manager.   “When Bo told us he was leaving, we knew his shoes would be hard to fill but we trusted that God would send us the right person for the job.  Little did we know it would be with our long time friend, Rhonda.”


Rhonda brings many years of experience both on the national and regional level to Day Three.  Not only is she a very talented, anointed singer, but she is also a great musician.  “I’m excited to have a bass player alongside me now when we sing with just the piano,” said Washam.   When asked about the decision, Rhonda had this to say – “I’ve been blessed with many opportunities and many stages across this country and just when I thought my singing days were over, God orchestrated this new season in my life.  I’m excited to see how God is going to use us.”


“Looking back, I think God’s hand was in this personnel change the whole time. You just never know how He’s going to work.  Rhonda and I have been friends for years.  I never thought we’d one day be singing together – but God.  I hated to see Bo leave – he’s my family, but God has other plans for both Day Three and for Bo,” said Amy Dunnam.


Day Three has already made preparations to be in the studio in Nashville, TN in March, with long time producer and friend, Jonathan Goodwin of Redemption World Records.  For more information about Day Three and to follow the trio on tour, visit  Also you can listen to their music on iTunes or their YouTube channel.