Daywind Studios Gain International Attention

Hendersonville, TN (February 20, 2012) –For Southern Gospel fans in the United States, accessing the latest music from top groups is as easy as turning on the radio or visiting the local Christian bookstore.  However, fans in other parts of the world do not enjoy the same conveniences that so many of us take for granted.  Despite the obstacles, Southern Gospel continues to attract fans from countries as far away as Australia.  For Greg and Jill Lanyon, weekends consist of traveling to local churches and conferences around their hometown of Stanthorpe in rural Australia.  Although there are many Southern Gospel fans in this area of Australia, the genre is not widely sung, and Christian bookstores that would provide physical copies of the music are sparse.  Even churches are widespread, making it difficult for many families to regularly attend.  Working as a team, Greg and Jill travel to these churches, ministering through both the Word and song.  At the urging of close friends and family, the Lanyons decided that it might be time to take the next step in their ministry by having Jill record her very first CD.  “We are ministering in rural areas without a lot of spiritual influence.  These songs really minister and encourage the people who hear them,” shares Jill Lanyon.  “Doing a CD is a way to leave the music with them that they can continue to enjoy after we’re gone.”  After nearly 20 years of using Daywind soundtracks, the Daywind name was at the forefront of their minds when choosing the right studio in which to record the CD.  Upon further research and a meeting with Daywind’s Rick Schweinsberg, Daywind’s excellence within Southern Gospel music and involvement with the top groups in the industry became evident, and the Lanyons decided that recording at Daywind Studios was the right choice. Looking for a professional, yet personal experience, all while receiving the best value for the money, the Lanyons made the nearly 9,000 mile trip from Stanthorpe, Australia to Hendersonville, TN.  Jill spent the first day recording vocals in the Daywind studio, with award-winning Daywind songwriter Marty Funderburk in the producer’s chair.  After completing the vocals on the 10-song CD, the second day included a professional photoshoot at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort.  Within a couple weeks, the mixes and graphics will be finalized, and Jill Lanyon’s first custom CD will be available for those congregations in Australia.   “Our experience with Daywind from beginning to end has been exceptional,” comments Greg Lanyon.  “The professionalism of the equipment and the studio was great.  The equipment is very modern and the staff was great!  Thanks to Rick [Schweinsberg] for all his help in getting us around and we look forward to continuing our association with Daywind in the future.” Johnny Sansom, Director of the Daywind Recording Department, adds, “It was such a pleasure working with and having the Lanyons with us here at Daywind Studios.  They found out about our recording services through the use of our soundtracks that they have been using for many years.  This is a true testament of how Daywind tracks are used around the world.” For more information on Daywind Studios, visit  For more information on Daywind Soundtracks, visit or call 1.800.635.9581. Daywind Music Group is based in Hendersonville, TN, and is distributed worldwide through New Day Christian Distributors.  Daywind Records is home to such great artists as Greater Vision, Blackwood Brothers, and the Mark Trammell Quartet, among others.