Debra Perry Reed Shares About Her Dad

My daddy took very sick on this particular day and we spent all morning in the ER. They discharged him and sent him home. We had to run by the pharmacy to pick up meds when he took violently sick again. I looked at him and said I was taking him right back to the hospital. This just so happened to be Gold Rush Days weekend and Daddy was always in charge of bringing gospel groups in for this festival. This was on Friday morning before the festival was to be held the next day. After getting sick, he looked at me and said, before we go back to the hospital, take me by where the stage is set up so I can make sure it’s been set right . I didn’t want to do this because he was gravely sick but I did what he asked. As we turned the street and headed down to where the stage was set, I knew in my heart daddy would never get to attend another Gold Rush Days. That’s been just about 14 years ago and I’ll never forget him looking at me and saying, “well everything looks good but I’m not sure I’ll get to be here for this tomorrow.”
Tears swelled up in my eyes cause I knew daddy wasn’t going to make it. I took him back to hospital and he never came back home. That last ride in my car I will always remember because I knew my life was about to change forever . That look in his eyes, he knew too. It wasn’t going to be long !