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Dusty Wells
Dusty Wells

My daily prayer when writing is that I will write from the deepest crevice of my heart, and that the writing will be penned with such gut wrenching honesty, openness and vulnerability. I want my writing to flow through me in such a way that each of you will see that I’m just a fellow wandering pilgrim on this ever so amazing journey of life. I am walking right alongside of you with tons of baggage that you will eventually see me unpack in front of you.

I have experienced marvelous inner healing in my life at times as I have journaled for years. I have been so fortunate to have many wonderful people come into my life that have trusted me to mentor and help them, and they in return have been able to speak and mentor back into my own life. I am walking with several fabulous individuals right now who are so important to me and they are teaching me so much.

I know that all of us are in this together for life, the long haul. Yes, we will all have different phases and seasons to go through. I am daily being challenged and motivated to be a good steward over the gifts that God has so richly blessed and bestowed upon me. I want to daily learn more and be helping others in all they are dealing with and walking in. So, sit back, get some java and let share my Rainey Days and Monday story with you…

Monday, early morning, sound asleep and so peacefully dreaming of the most glorious and glamorous life that is filled with unbridled passion and countless riches, the fantasy life that we all dream about every now and then. All of a sudden the alarm begins to loudly and very annoyingly scream with the strangest of buzzing (Don’t you ever question who comes up with those ugly dreaded alarm noises?). Of course that is my reminder from the night before that it is time for me to get my butt out of bed.

Jumping up, my hair is brushed…oh, wait I am bald…so I then get quickly dressed and out the door at 4:45 am to walk my four miles (maybe even run a few of those; okay, just maybe). The weather here in Nashville is slowly starting to cool down as winter is in the air; in fact my arms and legs are chilly as I start down the street, but I know by the time I get back to the house I will be sweating like a pig (wonder where in the world that saying ever come from…I honestly do not think I have ever seen a sweaty pig).

As I pick up the pace my ever-wandering mind is racing furiously with so many thoughts of the last few weeks of this crazy busy life that I lead (and my dear ones I am fairly certain you can relate to this as well) and all the joys, the turmoil and pain in many of our lives, my own private struggles, insecurities, questioning the ups and downs that so many of us are dealing with. The bills, worrying about our kids, trying to make important decisions in regards to careers and futures, my working on the book, working on my own healing journey that I am on…

Well I think you get it; the list for each of us that we are all dealing with could go on and on and on and on and then we each could add a dozen or more things that daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute could and will occupy our minds. So I am walking fast, and puffing and panting and then imagining how buff and strengthened I am going to be in the next few hours…

Dusty Wells
Dusty Wells

Well, my mind continues to be flooded with all kinds of emotions that are not only geared to my life, and me, but also for those that I am closest to. I am struggling and my tears begin to fall as I think of some of the hurt and feat that I am experiencing and then to top it all off…it begins to rain…slowly at first…then harder.

Now I am not the biggest fan of rain as some are. I know it’s important to us, but I would just rather be inside all snuggled up with a large cozy quilt when it’s raining outside. The rain begins to pour – and I mean pour, and I am walking so fast determined to find a short cut on my walk. Then all of a sudden, I am so sweetly and gently reminded that He is right there with me. I felt His touch, His arms wrapped around my shoulders and I felt His unwavering peace begin to cover my pain.

Oh, I know there is a song there. Someone get your pen and paper out! I then begin to feel the cleansing power that can only come from Him. No the pain was not going away completely, I still felt hurt; I was still struggling. But there was an overwhelming peace that was covering these feelings; the rainwater was flowing off of me, the rushing gullies of water were carrying all kinds of debris down the gutters of the streets and pushing the garbage in the drainage areas. What a beautiful picture that was right there before me and I thought of myself and those other friends around me and all the crud and junk we are dealing with and trying to hide in our baggage.

I am certain that God was showing me how He wants to deal with our many areas of weakness, struggles, frailty and sin, our garbage of life that we so often carry around with us. He wants us to be daily cleansed with His rain of forgiveness, love, mercy and grace; such a simple yet profound truth that has been written and talked about for years.

For me, it was new, fresh and so needed. I kept lifting my head up and just letting the rain pour down on me, so refreshing, so appealing, so cleansing and so thought provoking!

So here it is a few days later and the sun is shining. The air is even crisper with the beginning of winter running towards us and there is another rain shower in the forecast. I only hope that I am out walking in it when it begins to fall. I love His healing peaceful rain and I need it. I am fairly certain you need it as well. I would love to run or walk with you in the rain; I really would. My friends, I need you – you need me!

As always, remember you are loved, you are valuable and the rain will always cleanse.



By Dusty Wells.  First published by SGN Scoops magazine in January 2016.

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