Eric & Laura Ollis Team with Touch The World Ministries

Morganton, NC – In late 2011, long-time Southern Gospel pianist Eric Ollis announced plans to embark upon a group4family ministry with his wife, Laura and sons, Michael and Payton.  Eric had spent 20 years playing piano with The Dixie Melody Boys and most recently, The Whisnants, yet felt the call to spend more time with his wife of 18 years, Laura, and their two sons. At the time, Eric recalls, “This was a major step for us, but God ordained this move, and He has been faithful and blessed us tremendously.” 
Many opportunities have been afforded to the couple and God has used their unique ministry in great ways. “It’s been amazing to see how God has opened doors and used our family in ways we never imagined,” Laura shares. “We are so grateful for these opportunities and look forward to what God has in store for the future. We don’t know what that is, but we are simply walking through doors He opens.”
One of those “doors” is their recent partnership with Touch The World Ministries, a private, non-profit organization, founded by Rev Homer Murdock, Jr. The organization is dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training, equipping and leading Christian mission teams to assist people across the world who are in need of spiritual and physical aid. Touch The World Ministries, based in Morganton, NC, supports missionaries around the world in such countries as Haiti, Kenya, Romania, Liberia and India. Since organizing in 1999, Touch The World Ministries has sent mission teams to 13 countries, including Pakistan, El Salvador, Uganda, Vietnam and the Ukraine. “This organization has a true heart for changing lives all across the world, and we are honored to partner with them. We are looking forward to the opportunities of joining them in taking the Gospel to the world,” Eric says. “We are very excited about the directlon we believe God is taking our ministry and our family. He is opening so many doors. It’s mind blowing, to be honest, to look back and see what He has done and how He has blessed over the past year. We can’t wait to see what He has in store.” 
Another important aspect of Touch The World Ministries that the Ollis family is extremely excited about it the child sponsorship program offered by TTW. Through the program, individuals and other families can sponsor a child and cover the basic needs of children across the world. “There are many great organizations that assist children in need,” Eric explains, “however, we are greatly impressed by the involvement Touch The World provides to children and the fact that 90% of the monthly contribution goes directly to the child. Those who attend our events can pick up a packet and learn more information about the sponsorship program or visit the TTW website for complete information. It’s an awesome opportunity.”
The Ollis’ will be planning a trip in the very near future with Touch The World Ministries that will take them overseas. Throughout the Spring they are also sharing their ministry in churches and conferences. Scheduling information, as well as additional information regarding the couple’s ministry, Mountain Ridge Ministries, is available online at Additional information regarding Touch The World Ministries is available at