Family Tradition Continues with Parker Rains, Pardoned

Parker Rains and Grandfather Carl Rains


Pardoned at Dollywood

When Pardoned was invited to be a guest of Tony Gore’s at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. Parker Rains of the group thought the guys were just going to hear and support their friends The Troy Burns Family, Tony Gore, and Answered Prayer. What he didn’t realize was Donnie and Rusty had a little surprise in store. In 1997 Within a week of Parker being born, actually a week to the day, his grandfather passed away so he grew up with only stories of his very talented grandfather. Parker’s grandfather would lead singing schools all over the southeast as well as sing with different groups both regional and professional. You see Parker’s grandfather was Mr Carl Rains bass vocalist for the famed John Daniels Quartet! Why is that important you may ask? Well little did Parker know his grandfather’s picture was hanging in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Dollywood.. Carl Rains was a member of The John Daniels Quartet for 5 years, and holds the honor of being inducted into this great fraternity as a part of this well-loved Quartet. As you can see by the picture, Parker was a little surprised to see his grandfather’s picture there! Donnie and Rusty were excited to be able to share this moment with him and see a young man that had only heard stories actually see what so many already knew! So next time you’re in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Dollywood, take a moment to check out the picture of The John Daniel Quartet and look for the great “lowdown” bass singer, 3rd from the left, Mr Carl Rains, and remember an incredibly proud grandson from the band Pardoned who is definitely making his grandfather proud!

Parker and His Grandfather