Fast Five with Keith Stapler


Recently at Christian Country Expo, we caught up with Keith Stapler and ask

him Five Questions about his ministry. Here is what Keith shared with us.

1. Tell us about your radio single.

My radio single is entitled,  “He’s walking on the water.”   I wrote the song and it is on AOK Records compilation disc.


2. If our readers would like to book you or purchase your product, how would they do that?

First of all. I am available for singings,  revivals, other meetings etc. My website is
My booking number is 678.896.9688. You may also find me on Facebook .
3. Tell us how your ministry began.
I got saved at the age 8 years old at our family church Douglasville Assembly of God in Douglasville, Georgia.
I have sang with many groups and trio’s over the years. I truly enjoy singing and fulfilling my calling. It’s not always easy but God is always by my side. As a two time suicide survivor,  I have walked down that dark road and I know that God has never left my side.

4. Recently , you stepped out on faith and went fulltime on the road singing and ministering in song. Is that true?
Yes I am in fulltime Ministry.  I walked away from corporate America making a great living to fulfill the calling on my life. In 2015, I had a very bad Health scare and God said its time. He said it’s MY TIME !!! God is able and I am trusting Him.
5. Out of all the dates that you done through the years, tell me about that special one.
I was singing at a small country church with our family group many years ago and my niece was playing the piano. It was so hot. There was  no air conditioning. They had all the windows open and fans going !!!  The microphone stand was broken so I stood and held the microphone as we sang. We were singing the first chorus and I looked up and saw a COW!  It had walked up to the window , stuck it’s head in and licked the piano. About that time, she started screaming . The church went crazy! The people started shouting, dancing and running the aisles .Let’s just say we had church for about 30 mins . God works in mysterious ways. LOL
Thank you Keith Stapler for sharing with our readers about your ministry.