Fast Five “Kevin and Kim Abney”


Recently, we asked Kevin and Kim Abney Five Questions about their ministry. Here are the questions and answers….

1.Tell us all about your ministry.

We are a husband and wife team. Our only goal is to be a blessing and to win the lost for Christ,

2. Would each of you share your Testimony with us?

I (Kim) was raised in church, I’ve always been in church. I had such Godly parents that set a great example for me.  My desire has always been to sing Gospel Music. To me its such a joy to sing a song and look out and see someone wiping tears or to have someone tell you how much a song has touched or changed their lives. To reach people that are lost or are hurting is the only reason we do this.

I (Kevin) was save at an early age but drifted away from the Lord in my teenage years. I started playing music in the wrong places and found myself getting farther and farther away from the Lord. At the age of 29 I had a terrible car accident that left me with a neck broken in 3 places. It was at that time that I fully surrendered myself back to the Lord. About a year later I met Kim, we got married and have been singing for the Glory of the Lord every since. I give Him all the Glory!! It is a miracle that I am here.

3. Tell us how to find you on the internet. Buy a cd? Book a date?

As of now we don’t have a website but you can find us on Facebook under Kevin and Kim Abney. You can message us there to purchase a cd or you can mail $15.00 to Kevin and Kim Abney P.O. Box 144 Viburnum, Mo. 65566. To book us you can message us through Facebook or call 573-330-6683.

4. What are some future goals for your ministry?

Our future goals for our ministry is just to be where God wants us to be. Where ever he wants us to go is where we want to go, We want only to be in his perfect will.

5. If you could travel to anywhere in the country, where would you go and why?

We are pretty basic people. Neither of us are a fan of flying (not saying we wouldn’t) but we love the good old United States of America. We do love the beaches.