Fast Five with The Millers

Five Questions for The Millers….
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Tell me about your radio single and why you chose that song.
Our latest radio single is “I’ve Got A Lot To Thank The Lord For”. This is a song for every single
day because we truly have something to be thankful for, not just sometimes – but all the time! I
remember going through a very difficult time in my personal life where times were hard and
money was short, but we continued to stand on the promise that the Lord would supply all our
needs and never one time did the Lord fail us. I love the chorus of the song, “I’ve got a lot to
thank the Lord for – every day He’s blessing more and more – He puts food on my table and
shoes on my feet – I’m telling you the Lord makes my life complete – He heals me when I don’t
feel well – saving my soul from hell – how could I ever ask for more – I’ve got a lot to thank the
Lord for”. This is a very special song to our ministry and we love to convey the message of God’s
faithfulness each and every time we sing and share.
What’s been going on with The Millers
We finished up a strong 2016 and we are enjoying a lighter winter schedule. We are excited
about our next recording that we will complete this year. We have received some AMAZING
songs from some AMAZING writers that we can’t wait to sing. A Christmas CD and Christmas
tour are in the works also!! We love to sing and share about the goodness of the Lord and it’s
such a blessing to us to encourage the body of Christ and to have any part in someone’s journey
to salvation!
Becky, at what age did you know that God had a calling on your life to minister in song?
I have loved singing all my life. When I was little, my parents took me from concert to concert
and I absolutely LOVED it. One of my favorite events we attended was Watermelon Park, an
outdoor concert, in Berryville, VA. My mom would get up early and fry the best fried chicken
and make potato salad and my dad would pack the cooler with soft drinks. We would pile in the
pickup truck and off we would go. We saw people we only saw there once a year and when it
was lunch and dinner time – everyone got out their food and we would share a meal with some
great friends. I was about 6 or 7 years old when the event first began and I remember wanting
to buy all the record albums we could get. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could play all the
albums and sing right along with all of them trying to find and learn the harmony parts. One of
the most surreal moments happened at Watermelon Park when I was a teenager. The Hoppers
promoted and ran this event and each night at the close of the concert, they would turn the
lights off and turn on this big red lighted cross above the stage. The 1500-2000+ that were in
attendance would lift their voices singing “At The Cross” while the Shenandoah River quietly
rippled over the rocks. Those voices seemed to reach far beyond the stars that sprinkled the
night sky. The Lord touched my heart that night and I knew I wanted to sing and try to make a
difference for Him – I didn’t know how or when, but I knew I would sing. I have been singing for
over 25 years now in various ministries – I never take for granted the opportunities that are
presented to me, and to our ministry, to sing and share the love of God. It never gets old to me
and the calling and desire is just as real today as it was that night many years ago.
Tell us a funny road story.
Hahaaaa … we always tell people that the Bible says, “A merry heart doeth good like a
medicine” and when traveling with The Millers you are heavily medicated! We love to laugh just
about as much as we love to sing! We were singing at a Campground one night and just to have
a little fun we were going to sing some requests. Most people ask for “Amazing Grace” or “How
Great Thou Art” or some familiar hymn. A person in the audience came up front and asked us to
sing a song that none of us knew. When we told her we didn’t know that song, she began to
lead the song herself … all 4 verses. When the concert was over, she told me I could go socialize
and she would run our sales table for us. I had to laugh and politely decline to leave our table
since she was as familiar with our product as we were her song. She was super sweet though!!
Give us a rundown of your latest cd. Include a link to purchase
Our latest CD is entitled “Glad”. We always include some hymns on every project we record.
This one includes “When We All Get To Heaven”, “Leave It There”, “Take A Moment and Live”,
as well as some upbeat songs like our latest single “I’ve Got A Lot To Thank The Lord For”, “Find
Out What God Is Doing”, and “Robe and Crown”. There are a few ballads “Shepherd Became The
Lamb” and “You’ll Make It Through” as well as concert favorites “That Sounds Like Home To
Me”, “I’m Going Where He Lives” and “I’m Glad”. This is a well-rounded project full of messages
in song that will lift your spirits and encourage you.
Our music is available via iTunes and on our website or by
contacting our office at 571-207-9797