Fast Five with Sherry Damron

There are some exciting things going on in the ministry of Sherry Damron. Check out the 5 questions and answers below.

Check out these 5 questions and answers about what God is doing and has done in her ministry.

Tell us about your latest song “God Bless America Again.”

I actually re-wrote “God Bless America Again” in 2011 but never intended to record it. My husband is a twenty-two year retired veteran (Air Force), so, of course, we are a very patriotic family. However, the main reason was my love for and my understanding of 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people which are called by My name.” As I traveled, preaching the Gospel, I saw a decline in our Christian values, inside and out of the church. The song is actually a prayer that God birthed in me! Bobby Bare, the original writer and singer of the song, was gracious enough to allow me to record “God Bless America Again,” and I feel it was written for, “SUCH A TIME AS THIS!” 20% of the proceeds will be donated to our veterans in the US and to Holocaust survivors in Israel.

You just released a new music video for the song “God Bless America Again,” tell us about that.

I am so excited about this music video. It was so much fun, and the anointing was on set from the time we began until we completed the project. Jonathan Dale (Háus of Jaydale), and Courtney Dale (Courtney Cooke Photography) had the vision, and God brought it to pass, along with crew members from the church I pastor, The Sanctuary, in Vidalia, GA. The video was filmed in the beautiful, scenic mountains of North Carolina and incorporates images of our country, and they even threw in an image or two from my home town. My sweet little daddy and mama posed for a shot with their (beloved – LOL) ‘57 Chevy. People around the country are talking about the song and the music video of which I am truly humbled and amazed.

You have written and published a book called, “Undone.” Tell us about that.

“Undone!” Now that’s a miracle. I am dyslectic and was not aware of ituntil after I was grown. I struggled in school and was in remedial classes. I learned to accept the fact that I was “below average.” Once we realized that, I simply had to re-adjust the way I learn, and everything changed for me. I couldn’t complete a sentence for over half of my life, image everyone’s surprise when I announced I had written a book. All things are possible with God! We simply need to re-adjust to His “TRUTH” about us, and He will bring our dreams to manifestation. The book is doing amazingly well. Churches have purchased “Undone” for Bible studies,and it is a favorite for people who have struggled with addictions, low self-esteem, learning disabilities, and abuse as well as for parents of children who have battled these issues.

Your TV program, “I Still Believe,” went national last year on DISH and DIRECTV via the Impact network. Tell our readers how that feels and when they can tune in.

I know I keep saying this but I am totally amazed at God. It is so “clichéic,” but “to God be the glory!” I never dreamed of or wanted to be a preacher. I was content being a wife and mother, but God re-directed my life and my plans. After a producer of a local, low-band antenna TV station in Vidalia attended one of my conferences, she asked me to do a program for them, and everything snowballed from there. The name “I Still Believe” is from the Kathryn Kuhlman series “I Believe In Miracles.” I began the program READING HER BOOKS and soon ventured intopreaching on Friday nights in a borrowed building. The TV station provided the camera and the editors/producers. God did the rest. To be on the air six years later is unfathomable for me, but to be on six networks and now to go national is nothing short of GOD! “I Still Believe” airs every Wednesday on DISH Network (channel 268) and DIRECTV (channel 380) at 3pm EST.

Many people see the success of “Sherry Damron,” but they do not know what you have been through to get where you are today. Tell us a little about your journey.

I was raised in church with a deep love for Southern Gospel music and “dinner on the grounds.” But after eight years in an abusive marriage and being involved in “religion” instead of “knowing” Jesus, caused me to go into a world very unfamiliar to my upbringing. I spent ten years running from God and hiding in drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. I thought God could never forgive me for the direction I had chosen, and because of that misunderstanding, I went deeper than I intended to go. I wound up in church one Sunday morning, still high from the night before. I knelt at the alter and simply said, “If you can use trash, here I am.” His reply was, “I can turn trash into treasure!” I took God at His Word and began to study HIM, not just attend church. Every song I have written, every message I have preached, and every person that I have ministered to since that day has been an overflow of the amazing love that He has poured out on me. People see success, but many don’t see “the process of the success.” God told me that He would make me “yet again another vessel.” (Jeremiah 18:4) He has done just that! I owe all to HIM!