Getting to Know Debbie Bennett with Fast Five Questions…

Recently, we got to catch up with Debbie Bennett  and talk about her ministry.

Here are the 5 questions we asked Debbie Bennett and her answers.  Enjoy!

1. Debbie, Tell us how Debbie Bennett ministries developed.

I felt at a young age, the age of 3 to be exact, that I was called to sing. My Mom used to tell me that I would stand in front of a mirror with a blue hair brush and sing to myself, LOL. So I guess that’s where it began. From that point on I began singing in church every opportunity that I had. My sisters and I sing at church and another churches all throughout my teenage years. At the age of 18 I started singing solo. I traveled from church to church and then at the age of 21 my first daughter was born and I started slowing down to stay at home and raise my children.

In 1990 I begin the next phase of my musical Ministry. I auditioned for lead singer in a group locally called The Gospel sounds and was given the job. My daughters were older then and could travel with me, my husband and the group. We traveled locally as well as up and down the East Coast for 18 years at which point I begin to feel God leading me in a Solo Ministry in another Direction.

We retired as a group in 2008 and I had already been doing solo engagements when given the opportunity since 2004. So I stepped out in faith and much prayer and began Debbie Bennett Ministries. God has blessed and so many ways! At the time of the group’s retirement I had been experiencing severe health problems. Doctors had been treating me for menopause when in actuality 2 years later they found out I had cancer so I knew that God indeed had a hand in our retiring so he could prepare me for the doors that he was about open. That’s when Debbie Bennett Music Ministry began in full swing. Ministering in song and “Searching For Souls One Song At A time!”

2. What is your website? How can we book you and purchase a cd?
You can find out more information about Debbie Bennett Ministries by going to
You could also search by Ministry on Facebook , Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Google by searching for Debbie Bennett Music.
You can purchase CDs, DVDs, other items of Debbie Bennett music by calling
336- 593 -2908 or through iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and other media Outlets.
3. Would you share your Testimony?
I was saved in June of 1976 and baptized on July the 11th of that same year . I had wonderful loving parents who made sure we were in church every time the doors were open so I began to feel God’s calling on my life at an early age. I have seen and experienced many miracles in my life! In 1989 I was involved in a horrific car accident where it punctured my left lung and doctors told me I would never sing again as well as having to rebuild my left leg from my ankle up. Doctors also told me that I would have to keep the metal apparatus in my leg for my entire life. But God is so good I had everything removed 5 months later that same year! Doctors were against me removing everything but God assured me I have been healed and I have been! As I stated earlier doctors told me I would never sing again but they didn’t know my God and how gracious he is! It was it this time that I started singing full force with my family group called The Gospel sounds. In 1994 I was diagnosed with leukemia. We had every Church, Pastor, friends and relatives praying that we knew praying for God’s complete healing and he did just that! On the morning that I was scheduled for bone marrow testing the doctor came in and was late to do more blood work said he didn’t know why but he just was and my blood work came back negative! No signs at all of the leukemia! That was God and His magnificent grace and mercy!

And 1995 I lost my best friend, my mother was called home to be with the Lord. At first I was so lost but then during the years to follow I began to realize what God was doing in my life. He had given me a chance to really get to know my dad. I was the middle child of five children and I always felt that Dad was pulled in so many different directions that I just needed to be self-sufficient so it was at the loss of my mom that I learned to lean on him. My mom told me the night before she died to please continue to pray for my daddy for his salvation and I promised her that I would. After getting off the phone with me that night my mom went and picked out her clothes, her jewelry , everything that she wanted to be buried with and she told my dad she wanted me to sing at her funeral and she died the next day from a massive heart attack….That was the longest day of my life but God has a plan.
In the years to follow my dad and I became close and I cherished each moment. In 2003 my Dad suffered a severe stroke. God blessed me to be with him for an hour before the rest of the family got to the hospital. I had a full hour to talk with him even though he couldn’t respond with words , I asked my dad this question “Dad can you show me that you’re saved , can you show me that you have things worked out with God?” and with that sentence daddy squeeze my hand and a tear came down the right side of his face. Praise God I knew then my prayers had been answered! Within hours the rest of the family gathered at the hospital and we were all with him as he took his last breath but what joy and knowing that he was with Mom now and neither were suffering anymore!
In 2007 I began with my first ordeal with cancer. I had to have nine places removed from my back which were pre-cancerous, one was cancerous and it took thirteen stitches to repair after removal. But God was there like he had been and so many years past and I knew he would see me through this. Doctors felt that all have been removed so I didn’t have to have chemo or radiation!
In 2008 the family group I have been traveling with for so many years decided it was time to retire. I had been experiencing health problems myself as well as other members in the group we’re facing health problems too and we all prayed and the answer came back the same, that we needed to retire so we did. I continued to sing solo but my health continue to grow worse. I was exhausted so finally and January of 2011 I was scheduled for a routine operation to remove what doctors considered scar tissue from menopause. The doctor that I was scheduled to see decided that morning after reviewing my records that she wanted to do a biopsy seeing that one was performed two years earlier with abnormal cells being found and nothing was done. Before getting home that afternoon the doctor called with a message for us to return to the office as soon as possible. My husband and I knew what was to come or what we expected. The doctor told me that indeed we had found cancer and it was in its fourth stage. It was endometrial cancer. The doctor told us that it must come out but she didn’t have an opening date to do the surgery until late March… this was the last of January. So at this point the doctor called on her staff and they scheduled my surgery for the following Monday. She came in on her day off and God worked everything out! The crew that normally worked with her was willing to come in on that day and do my surgery. The operating room was available at the time that she needed for the surgery! This was God working everything out! Providing once again in my life. During the surgery I had congestive heart failure and died twice on the operating table. When I woke up we were told that they’re only explanation as to why I was still here was that God had an angel on each side holding me down saying it wasn’t my time! Praise God! To this day I am now 6 years cancer free and praising God for each step of the journey that he has brought me through and is taking me to!

4. Tell us about your radio single. Writer? Why did you choose this song?
My new radio single, ” He’s Coming Back”, was written by my husband , Junior Bennett and I . Its from my latest cd ,”Back to my Roots ” recorded at Rocky Traxx in Milton North Carolina with Rocky and Gail Smith at their Studio. The song I Feel is so relevant to today’s happenings. And it speaks truth that in the twinkling of an eye just like that when God calls his church home we will be gone! I am praying with the release of this song that people will realize just how close Christ’s return for his children is!
5. What are some goals for the ministry for 2017?
The goals for Debbie Bennett Ministries in 2017 are , always being obedient to God, his calling and his will on my life and in the work he would have me do. Letting him guide, trusting his plan and being the best witness for him that I possibly can! I would love to continue to see souls saved. There Is no greater joy than to see someone come forward and accept Christ as their personal savior. That my friends is what it’s all about!