Fast Five with The Wards

Recently, We asked The Wards a few questions.
Check out what they had to say
 Introduce us to The Wards. Tell us how the ministry began…
Forty years ago we began as The Ward Family. The group consisted of Mike Ward, (Dad, vocals, bass guitar),Linda Ward (Mother, lead vocals, manager), Gail Ward( tenor, soprano vocals, piano). Dad would preach all over the southeast and we would sing.As each child came along, a new instrument and vocal part was picked up till we had 6 of us on stage singing and praising the Lord.With the passing of our brother Michael, and mother, Linda, there are four of us. Our sister Melissa, just rejoined the group after being off the road raising her children.
Share your testimony.
Testimony of Gail Ward Childers
I had a love for music and God at a very young age. I remember sitting on the piano stool next to my dad as he played and sang when I was just a child and was mesmerized at the sound that came from the piano keys. It was at the age of 12 in Doraville, Ga., bible camp that I had an experience with God. I truly heard from him. . I desperately sought after his wisdom and knowledge as a teenager. That and music were my two passions. While in college, I unfortunately experienced a side of Life that scarred me for a long time, but God never left my side. He manifested healing and compassion when I was ready for it. God is Perfect gentleman. He gave me a gift for writing music and lyrics to share my pain and my victory through. Through tragedy and triumph, the peace that passes all understanding has held me together and made me stronger. He has shown me numerous times, that all that I needed was already there. I just had to use that measure of Faith to find the answer had been there all the time. My life has been spent in ministry for as long as I can remember, traveling every weekend and some how I knew I would be doing this as an adult on a little bit different level.I love traveling and singing and ministering to hearts that long for healing. He never gave up on me, I’ll never give up on him.
Testimony of Julia Ward Martinez
 I have been so blessed throughout my life. I grew up with a very close family and had role models as parents who had us in church every evening possible. My Father and Creator has healed me from so many physical ailments as a child, brought my child through countless issues, and kept my family together through recent family deaths. I grew up in a  musical and spiritual environment and started.  writing music only as early as eight years ago. Singing has always been a part of my life and I would want to do nothing else than sing, be a mother, wife and a child of the King. I owe my life to God and my family.
Testimony of Mike Ward
I was blessed to be born with a deep embedded love and need to sing and play gospel music. It was not such a blessing although to those associated with me because it was my life and I continually expressed that love by singing and playing with every breath I took, making it sometimes unbearable for those within listening distance. Soon others began to realize as I did also that this was not just a physical habit, it was a God given ministry that would be within my being until death do us part. Through the years it has proved to be the one constant in my life and I have never regretted the fact that I was richly blessed by my father God to carry out his work through my magnificent talent that came from and is sustained by him. Souls are touched, bodies are healed, marriages are saved, peoples lives are  enriched by what I bring forth for Him, I dearly love Gospel music and it will never cease from my being until I give it back to him personally. He gets all the  praise forevermore. Mike G Ward.
Testimony of Melissa Ward Mercado
My name is Melissa Ward Mercado and I’m 47 years old.  I began playing drums and singing with my family, The Wards when I was quite young.  He keeps waking me up everyday.  I see his handy work in all my children and grandchildrens smile. I lost my brother and mother last year but they are living the good life now. ! I have the best dad in the world and best family too and I’m glad to be going to sing again with my family.
Tell us about a special singing and why it was special.
We were at a little country church in Lexington NC, and during the singing, a couple people came to the alter, but what made it special is All the young people in that church flooded the altar to pray for the others that came. That was such an inspiration to us, to see that young people are still on fire for the Lord.
How can we book The Wards? Buy your CD?
You can book the Wards by contacting Gail W Childers at 828-356-4146 after 4 pm or email her
Cds can be bought at or
 What is the favorite restaurant of the group when you guys are traveling?
We Love Subway.. . They have something healthy for all of us and they are everywhere.