Fast Five with Day Three

Getting To Know Day Three………

1.Tell me about Day Three. How did the group Evolve?

The idea of Day Three was actually birthed on the stage of the 1st Annual Alabama Quartet Convention.  Amy and Scott sang a song with Barry Rowland and Shawn Rupert (both of Barry Rowland and Deliverance).  The scrap iron quartet sang Royal Descendant. Barry Rowland gave Amy and I the track that night. Scott and Amy were asked to sing the song  at events that would follow so they borrowed Bo Sullivan. Bo and Scott both sang with Azalea City Quartet (owned by Scott Washam) and Amy had a solo ministry.  Both ministries worked several dates together throughout the year, so it was easy for us to sing together. The Name Day Three actually comes from the book of Genesis.   On the third day, god prepared the soil to take new seeds to bring forth new growth and vegetation. That’s what our ministry is founded on, planting seeds.

2. I hear you have had some radio charting success in the Singing News and Scoops Magazine for the last few months.  Tell me about the song and why you chose it?

 We recently released a brand new song penned by Rodney Griffin and Joseph Habedank , ‘Not A Failure’.   We are excited to see what this song is going to do in the hearts of the listeners. We just found out it is #70 on the Singing News Chart this month! To God Be The Glory.

3.Tell me about the group members and what part they sing?

Scott Washam – Mobile, AL – Lead and Keyboads,  Enjoys playing tennis and golf. Also enjoys spending time with family, usually around the game table.  He also handles the booking for the group, website and most of the social media.

Amy Dunnam – Mobile, AL – Alto;  Is a collector of old vinyl records.  The thing that would shock you the most about Amy is that she is a certified mechanic.  She is also responsible for social media for the group and is a director for the Alabama Quartet Convention.

Bo Sullivan – Brookhaven, MS – Baritone;  Has his own lawn business. He also keeps the group in check when we have the time to practice a little.  He hears parts better than the other two put together.

4. What are some of the goals for Day Three for 2018?

We actually just talked about this a few weeks ago.  You know, we’ve only been together for 13 months. We’ve had a top 50 in Singing News, Top 40 in Scoops charts and top 50 in Christian Voice charts but we are just crazy enough to believe that God has even more in store for Day Three this year.  We want to go places we’ve never been and we want to see lives changed for the better. We want folks to know that GOD LOVES THEM RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE!

5. IF someone wanted to book Day Three for an event or a church service, give us your information.

They can call the office at 251.802.6041

They can visit our website

They can contact Cornerstone Booking Agency