Fast Five With Rev. Jesse Barnes & Company

1. Tell Us About Your Radio Single.

 Our radio single is actually a re-release.

The song “ Get Your House In Order” was originated actually in 1996. On one particular evening while on their way to a gospel event my father Rev. Jesse Barnes was riding along side of one of his many brothers who we call uncle “Joe”. They were riding and my father along with my uncle began to hum a tune. After arriving home later that I evening he called me and I began to compose and arrange music and alter lyrics. Years later, now you gave it. The Second time around.

The message within the song” Get Your House In Order” is plainly simple and stems strictly from the Bible and covers a wide spectrum of uncertainty we may be facing in today’s modern times.

Turn to God!
Get your heart right!
Love one another!
Serve Christ with your whole being.

Rev. Jesse Barnes
2. Tell Us how the group started.

Rev. Jesse Barnes & Company was established in 2015.

(Anthony)  The ministry began with small talk and hope. We had no clue how we would be received. Me along with my nephew Von White we’re discussing how we wanted to travel and sing the gospel. It was then where I realized we needed to be ministering because of the zeal that we had for Christ. My father was all in and ready!

3. Who is your all time favorite singer Is a tough question.(Anthony)

I’ll break it down by genres in gospel.

*Jason Crabb

*Donnie McClurkin

*Charles Johnson and Revivers


4. Tell us about the Recording Studio.
Well, My Recording/Production company is named
Ivory Keys Music Group or simply “IKMG.We specialize in creating the most detailed sound performance tracks for artist(s).Most individuals need tracks for their ministry, and that’s where we come in.

Contact us on our Company FB page @ivorykeysmusicgroup.

5. Share Your Testimony?

My testimony. I received Christ at the of 12. Being raised up in a Christian home really set the tone for my future. God has delivered me, protected me, last but not least…,, He saved me and filled me with his HolyGhost.

Antonio Barnes
Thank You Rev. Jesse Barnes and Company for sharing your ministry with our readers…..