Fast Five With Singer and Songwriter, Tim Davis

Fast Five With Singer and Songwriter, Tim Davis


1. Tim, How long have you been singing?
Since I was big enough to tug on my Dad’s coat tail before he would preach, lol, he would
teach me songs ( I wasn’t old enough to read) he would tell me to sing harder from the gut
and from the heart. I remember saying, “I don’t know what that means Daddy, I’m just a kid! ”
But later when I accepted Christ I realized what that meant.
As a young child , who were your musical influences and why?
I would say my Dad the most.  He would sing with such passion and it instilled a desire in my soul
that has grown stronger with time. He also had several records of the going groups in the
60’s, Happy Goodmans, Rambos, I would say the Rambo’s influenced the most because of
their creativity.

(Photo from first recording at Crossroads Studio with Ben Isaacs , Mike Riddle , and David Johnson)

2. Share your testimony. Being raised in a preacher’s kid, I knew the plan of salvation early
on. I remember my Dad preaching one night at a revival and the holy spirit convicting me. I
was afraid if I died that night I would go to hell. My heart was racing, so I went to the alter and
poured my heart out. When I got up I thought I was walking on air. I felt so clean inside. At a
young age of nine you would think, what has he done to be so sorry for ? The Bible says I
was born a sinner, at nine I just figured that out.

3. Your current single is doing well in several charts. Tell us about this song, the writer and the
meaning of the song. “ Come On Home” I wrote in the fall of 2019 a couple of weeks
before we were laying down music tracks for my latest project. A friend of mine sent me a
page of lines that describe his childhood on his family farm, washing clothes, plowing the
garden with a horse, Momma in the kitchen, front porch sitting waiting on Momma to call us in for
supper, a slower pace of life. I have other friends that started that way but ended up with cab
tractors with a/c, more land, more cows etc. but the end result is being ready when God calls
us home at the end of our life or when the trumpet sounds, we are washed up, ready for the
marriage supper of the lamb.

Tim recently sent “It’s Autumn” out to radio and it is doing well also. “Come on Home” has found it’s way to the Christian Country Charts.

4. (A) Other than singing, what are some hobbies you enjoy? (B)Tell us about your family.
My wife and I enjoy riding horses. I have had a horse or pony ever since I was two years
old. Like music they have always been a part of me.
We got married when I was 16 and she was 15. That was 41 years ago. It’s not been
easy. We have quit a thousand times but manage to start again. I heard a reporter ask a older
couple what their success was for being married so long, the wife thought for a second and
said “ lots of forgiveness”, thats me, I’ve had lots of forgiveness ! We have 2 boys and a girl.
Chad, CeCellia and Shane. We played as a family band in the 90’s traveling all over the south
and parts of north getting back on Monday mornings just in time for them to catch the school
bus. But they have families of their own now and blessed us with 4 grandchildren, 3 girls and
1 boy. The 2 oldest girls are pursuing music but I’m proud of all of them.

(Tim riding horses with his wife)


5. What is your booking and website information. Also, How can our readers purchase your
You can call 931-260-2366 or email me for bookings. Website
is , you can order music from my website, Itunes or CD Baby.



Thank you Tim for sharing your ministry with our readers.