A Father’s Day Story from Rocky Smith

Rocky Smith’s Father’s Day Story

As I have read the father’s day messages from all the Artist here on SGN Scoops page, I couldn’t help but think of my Dad, Well Dad’s.
I was born to Robert Dale Smith Sr, my Dad, in November of 1973. But it wouldn’t be long before my life would be drastically changed.
At just Six weeks old my mother became seriously ill and her and my father would not be able to care for me.

In steps Dad 2, Robert Lee Smith. Most of my life I called him Paw Paw. But the older I got the more often I called him Daddy.
After having all types of jobs he finally settled in as a Carpenter. Remodeling homes gave him great joy, but not as much as playing his old guitar and singing for the Lord.

I remember very early on realizing if I was going to be a part of my Paw Paw’s life I had better learn to play music. And I mean early on. At just 3 years old I started playing drums behind my Paw Paw’s gospel group and in church. He would always push me to practice but more than that to pray. He would say son. “If you pray as much as you practice God will teach you his ways, both in how to play music and how to live.”

It was later when I was around 20 years old that he and I did a T.V Show and the truth, about any talent I may have, came out. The talk show host ask my Paw Paw how I learned to play all of these instruments and sing all the parts. He replied. “When Rocky was little I could see he wanted to play music, So every night before I laid down I would go by his room and pray the same prayer. God if it be thy will teach him to play music, But God if he won’t grow up and play for you, don’t teach him a thing!”

And that my friends, was my Paw Paw. He was known around our hometown as the ole Patriarch. He helped build several churches in our area and I don’t know how many souls he lead to the Lord through his walk.

I always knew who my real dad was and he spent hours driving me from place to place to be able to play music. We had a bond, but it was different than the bond I had with my Paw Paw.

Since the death of my sons in 2011 Father’s Day has been a little hard on me. But memories of my Dads always comfort me. Knowing that I tried to be just like them helps me to get though even the hardest days.

I wrote this little song in the video several years before either of my Dads died. I shared it with both of them and they both heard me sing it several times. One Father’s Day Sunday I sang this song to both of my Dads. After church my Paw Paw came over to me and said these words.
“Son I appreciate the song and boy don’t get me wrong.
It makes me proud that you look up to me, But don’t forget about that tree. The Father gave his only son, to give us life more abundantly. So when you sing, Give God the praise. Don’t be praising me.”

Both of my Dads passed in 2007 about 4 months apart.

God saw fit to give me two earthly Dads. Who both taught me that the most important thing to remember about being a Dad was trying to be everything God the Father would have me to be.

Happy Father’s Day to both of my Dads in heaven and to all you Dads reading this. But most of all Happy Father’s Day, to the Father of all, God!!!

Be blessed,