Michelle Drummond Shares About Her Daddy…

Father’s Day – a time to remember our Daddy’s! And oh, so many memories I have with my Daddy, and am still making with him today. For that, I am very thankful!!

A couple of childhood memories that stick out in my mind today as I think back. Times like when he would wake me up to go hunting with him, and I would be so excited. I’d get to wear his hunting vest, help him look for tracks, or be his “bird dog” and retrieve the birds he shot. Or even better yet, the times we’d set up the milk carton and Daddy would let me shoot his gun. Brings a smile to my face as I write this…..such special and fun times!

I also love the memories of our summer vacations camping on Deep Creek in Bryson City, NC. Daddy would load up his 4 girls, our Momma, and Daddy’s Momma, and we’d head north way before sunrise. Daddy would always stop and get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and then stop at the Alabama rest area for breakfast – eating our donuts and juice/milk on the tailgate of the station wagon. Grandma would always sit behind Daddy on our trips, and if us girls needed a pit stop, she would start poking Daddy until he would stop haha!! We loved it! I probably could write a book on just the 2-week summer camping trips – so many memories of the places we visited, the stops we made along the way, and the fun we had! But the best part is the time we all spent together……laughing, fussing (remember there were 4 young girls in the car), and being a family!! I love you Daddy!!