Favorite Christmas Memory- Andrew Ishee

   I remember my first “white” Christmas:

     Back in my days with the Kingsmen, I remember inviting Sheree (now my wife) to come down to Mississippi and meet my family.  She drove down to Birmingham, Alabama, and I met her there to drive the rest of the way (it seemed chivalrous at the time).  My family Christmas party was a few days before Christmas Day.

     Sheree stayed with my folks the night of the party, and I had planned to drive her back to Birmingham the next day so that she could get back to her family before Christmas Day.  But the weather got snowy on our return route, and we decided that we’d make the trip back to Tennessee together.  Well, we wound up driving on Christmas Day.  The snow had let-up along I65 as we drove to Nashville, but the countryside was white with snow, and thankfully, the road was clear.  We discovered that the “Waffle House” is the ONLY restaurant open on Christmas Day.

 I had spent every Christmas prior to that in Laurel, MS – Green Christmas only there.  That was my first white Christmas.

-Andrew Ishee “Piano Player”